Getting more kids on bikes AND keeping them there with Specialized Foundation grants – There is something special about a kid’s first bike. But after that new bike day vibe wears off, the key is maintaining interest & excitement as they grow up and have many more new experiences. So to keep kids psyched about bikes, The Specialized Foundation is working to get kids on bikes in schools, riding with their peers during their formative late adolescent/early teen years.

Their Riding for Focus program is working towards that lifetime cyclist goal, and its grant application window is open now until March 25. Parents, teachers & administrators can apply to get a sponsored bike program in their kid’s school, including curriculum support/training, a fleet of bikes, a starter maintenance kit, and helmets. Apply now.

Where to ride

  • Women’s Trailcamp Bike & Yoga Lenzerheide – German tour, event & camp company Die Rasenmäher has just released a new line-up for 2018. Among many other events & technique camps, the Lawnmowers have some of the best women-specific mountain biking camps in the heart of Europe, from one-day skills courses to multi-day trips in Alpine Spas like this Lenzerheide one.

Gear & Hot deals!

  • Bombtrack’s 474 page “The Bilderbuch 2018” shows their bikes, in DETAIL! -What is the Bilderbuch? If a picture is worth a thousand words, 474 pages of detail images of their 2018 bike line is good for close to a half million. The shots by photographer Jason Sellers go a long way to conveying what Bombtrack does and the detail they put into interesting and affordable bikes. Take some time and flip through a few (hundred?!) shots. Just don’t try to print it out.

  • Après Vélo intros 2018 Spring Collection, give us exclusive 20% discount – Pedal into Spring with Style. Après Vélo has a new Spring Collection of cycling themed clothing just released today. And they are giving our readers a special discount. Use the discount code “BR20” at checkout to save 20% site wide, valid from now until Mar 12.

  • Quad Lock adds a touch of color – If you’ve already been thinking about putting a Quad Lock mount on your bike, now you can clip on a little color. No longer do you need to sport their signature blue on the standard snap color or out-front style mount’s lever. You can now opt for a Quad Lock in red, black, or white. For now all mounts come stock with the blue attachment. So you need to just pick up an extra colored replacement collar or lever for $10 each.

Industry news

  • Co-ops REI & MEC suspend orders from Vista Outdoors – Bicycle Retailer and Industry News are reporting this week that outdoor outfitter REI & MEC are suspending all orders with brands that are part of the Vista group to take a gun control stand following the most recent Florida school shooting and Vista’s NRA ties. Vista Outdoors reportedly counts around 50% of its business from the sale of firearms and ammunition. It also holds a number of large well-know cycling brands. Those brands including Bell, Blackburn, Bollé, CamelBak & Giro have each come out to try and distance themselves from their Vista parent. Read more details on the ongoing controversy at:


    • Robin on

      Therein lies the flawed thinking. It’s a false assumption that all brands owned by Vista Outdoors are pro-NRA. Bell, Blackburn, Bolle, Camelbak, and Giro have no control over what Vista Outdoors does. Exactly what do people expect Bell, Blackburn, Bolle, Camelbak, and Giro to do? Exactly how are they supposed to disentangle themselves from Vista when they’re owned by Vista?

      Likewise, what were these companies supposed to do when BRG sold off its sports business to Vista? Bell, Blackburn, Bolle, Camelbak, and Giro had no power to stop that sale.

      I’m willing to bet that the people ate those five companies think this situation sucks and that they’d like nothing better than to be clear of the controversy that’s swirling around Vista. Unfortunately there was no way for those five companies to predict what they’re facing today long ago when each of them agreed to be bought out by other companies.

      • Gillis on

        No, the individual companies have no say in the matter. They are in an unfortunate situation of being caught in the crossfire. But a big way for making change in this country is to hit them where it hurt$. So that is what distributors of those products are choosing. Perhaps Vista will choose to sell off those brands if they are hitting their bottom line hard enough. Last I checked their stock was down about 7.5%.

    • Fred on

      People can boycott what/whenever they want. Even if it’s not Bell or Camelback’s choice, they are unfortunately tied to those umbrella corp’s. Maybe companies will make a harder, more informed decision as to who buys them out. I’m not even anti-gun btw, but F* the NRA! Put that in your chamber and pull it

      • Robin on

        So do you think when BRG bought Bell and Giro that those two companies could have known that later BRG would sell off its active sports division to Vista?

  1. Kar on

    hahahaha, that more absurd controversy, stop consuming violent movies, boycott Hollywood for its apology to violence … but no, they will not do it because the double standard is prevalent in American society.

    • AM68 on

      Sorry, the rest of the world consumes violent videogames and films as much as the US. Mass shootings are a U.S. thing for the most part.

    • Kar on

      Here in Chile we have a law of arms control quite restrictive, restrictive but only for honest citizens, because the only ones who have facilities to have and carry a weapon are the police and the criminals, we honest people are in the same defenselessness .

  2. AM68 on

    I am pro-gun control and full assault rifle ban but, harping on Vista companies is short sighted. The majority of their subsidiary shooting sports holdings deal with hunting guns. Their ammo holdings do make .223 ammo, which is problematic but, it’s mostly hunting. We have to be careful about babies and bathwater…

    • cousin it on

      In your overly simplified justification you forget that Vista / Federal sell a ton of different Hollow point handgun ammo. To quote directly from the sales text for their Hydra Shock line: ”The bullet’s center-post hollow-point design provides optimized penetration with consistent, threat-stopping expansion.”

      Make no mistake, these are only good for putting holes in people. If that is something you don’t agree with, then perhaps a Vista boycott is right for you.

      Also, according to the NRA blog Federal Ammunition (owned by vista) pays financial support to the NRA TV page.

      do with this Info what you will, but these companies make clear who they support. Who do you support?

  3. Kernel Flickitov on

    Kudos to Specialized (Despite their litigation happy status the last few years) for being so involved in getting kids stoked on bikes. They’ve been at this a long time. Good friend who was vying for a Jr. National team spot back in the late 80’s was riding a donated Allez from Specialized though a youth cycling program. I don’t work for the S, nor do I own anything by them. I just think it’s really great hearing about this stuff given all the negativity going on here. Should have been separate articles.


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