If you missed our Friday Yard Sale video live from the halls of NAHBS, catch that to see what Adam Sklar and Aaron Stinner had to say about the show and being a custom frame builder. Then scroll on down to see what they brought to this year’s show.

nahbs 2018 stunner blue commuter bicycle

Stinner collaborated with Brooks England for three of his bikes, with the saddle brand using his frames to showcase new limited edition saddles. The centerpiece was this beautiful blue city bike, complete with paint matched full coverage fenders.

nahbs 2018 stunner blue commuter bicycle

nahbs 2018 stunner blue commuter bicycle

It made a great showcase for one of new Brooks colors – more on those in a minute.

Behind it was this stealthy brushed road bike, with custom grayed-out components stripped of all logos.

The SRAM eTap group, cranks and mechanical rim brakes were all custom painted to a matte gray that split the difference between frame color and the darker rim and tire color. The effect was brilliant in its ultimate simplicity.

This was was capped off with a standard black Brooks Cambium C17 All Weather saddle.

The last of the Brooks bikes was this quasi-camo mountain bike that got matched fabric for the Yanco bags.

That little one on the seat tube is a “pencil bag” that fits other, um, paraphernalia, too.

Back in his own booth, Stinner had this purple and blue confetti bike commissioned by Blacksmith Cycle out of Toronto.

Paint matched cockpit parts and the pink punch Chris King parts, along with a custom painted Silca frame pump, helped it stand out. Check out more of Aaron’s work at StinnerFrameworks.com.

Brooks England Limited Edition Cambium C17 Saddles

limited edition colors for Brooks Cambium C17 all weather bicycle saddles

Brooks was showing off their Cambium C17 All Weather saddles with limited release colors in brown, blue and red. Available probably starting April 2018, quantities and pricing are TBD, as is the first color to be released. They’ll only come out one at a time.

limited edition colors for Brooks Cambium C17 all weather bicycle saddles

The all weather model uses a nylon cover rather than cotton, on top of their fiberglass shell.


This titanium gravel cruiser from Adam Sklar is only his 8th or 9th bike made from the magic metal, but it’s the first time he’s showed one off at NAHBS.

Like his steel bikes, it gets his trademark flattened and curved top tube, plus wildly bent seatstays to give it a real hourglass figure.

Also on display was this touring bike made for our friend Billy Sinkford. He and Adam rode around the Connecticut hills prior to the show, with UltraRomance as their guide. Ultra got his own custom Sklar bike, too, which he used to show off his new ultra, ultra wide drop bar.

adam sklar bikes from nahbs 2018

Sklar even fashioned this custom rack for the front of the bike. Check out more of his work at SklarBikes.com.


  1. Does the all weather Brooks really have a fiberglass shell? I would have imagined it to be a nylon weave on top of their standard rubber “shell”.

  2. Think the new ones have fibreglass instead of the alloy front and rear sections which is disappointing as that was the nicest part of the cadmium design.

  3. St inner looked cool, but the welds needed work to be of show quality compared to the rest.

    Brooks? Love my leather saddles for long rides, but twice I wore out a c13 in 6-8 months. It was waterproof, but big deal if it did not last. The top got all fuzzy.

    Skylar are great looking and riding bikes. Had opportunity to demo one and it ripped.

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