To coincide with the launch of their new gravel bike, the Solo, Rocky Mountain also decided to send Sam Schultz out for a little ride. A former world level XC racer, Sam has abandoned the high pressure world of racing in favor of more relaxed riding. Between driving south every year in his van and saving dogs from burning piles of rubble, Sam seems to be enjoying his personal time with long rides in fantastic places on bikes like the Solo.


Sam Schultz has driven south every winter for the past 11 years, leaving Montana’s snow-covered landscape behind in exchange for Arizona’s dry Sonora Desert. His road trip has always had an end game; to clear his head, build some perspective, and get back on the bike. He’ll be the first one to tell you he loves a good road trip, and that the best ones are filled with deviations, stops, and adventures along the way.
Presented by Rocky Mountain Bicycles
Featuring Sam Schultz & Pancho the dog

Directed by Liam Mullany
Produced by Liam Mullany & Stephen Matthews
Cinematography by Liam Mullany & Harrison Mendel
Edited by Liam Mullany & David Peacock
Colour by David Tomiak
Post Production Sound by Keith White Audio
Photography by Margus Riga
Thanks to The Cycling House, Owen Gue, Steven Davis, Dan Marrett
Performed by Nym
Licensed through Marmoset Music

Performed by Nym
Licensed through Marmoset Music

View from a Desert Helicopter
Performed by Live Footage
Licensed through The Music Bed


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