Handske cycling gloves are a new brand from Sem Gallegos and Ard Kessels, otherwise known as the folks at Kogel Bearings. They’re designed to give our hands the artistic expression found in the cycling community, plus the performance we want for gravel, cyclocross and mountain biking. Made to be form fitting, simple, and colorful, they’re on Kickstarter now and already well on their way to being funded.

handske cycling gloves from kogel bearings founder

The gloves use a neoprene stretch cuff to keep it all soft and avoid Velcro. The thumb is covered with terry cloth to wipe away the sweat (and snot). The pointer finger tip is stitched with conductive fabric so you can use your smartphone without removing them.

simple mountain bike and gravel bike gloves with silicone grip and touchscreen compatible fingers

The entire palm is covered in a silicone print to provide lightweight grip, and between the fingers are stretch Lycra panels to keep them fitting tight. They suggest sizing up if you like a bit looser fit, and there’s a size guide on the campaign page.

Early bird deals start at $25 and get you one of three artist’s prints. Shown on left is PRPL from @ginger_biskwit, and on the right is Squiggles from @bluehippo. Coming soon will be a third design from @bicyclecrumbs, too. Pledge $30 and you get to pick which one you want and still save $5 off the eventual full retail price. Check out the Kickstarter campaign for more info. Think you’ve got a winning design of your own? Download their template and submit your own design here.



  1. Umm can anyone find photos of the entire product line? I can’t seem to drill down either on their website or Kickstarter to see each design.

  2. Sooo, you don’t actually design your own gloves, you submit a design for them to choose from… & if they pick it, they use it & don’t pay you???

    Is this right???

    • We have contracts set up with our designers where they receive either a flat fee payment for their designs or a percentage of sales. We set up this venture specifically to share the work of all the amazing talent we found on our rides.

  3. I think artist should make what musicians make. These are basicly Chinese made gloves with no padding, a blank white canvas. I’d say at least 25% should go to artist otherwise its just a promo for suckers.

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