A recent patent filing from Lauf Cycling shows an new saddle design putting their carbon leaf spring technology to very good use. The images suggest a lightweight, adjustable system that provides true vertical suspension integrated into the saddle’s rails. This means it would retain full dropper post compatibility, and potentially better bump absorption than systems that flex rearward.

lauf cycling leaf spring bicycle saddle patent drawings

The filing mentions a variety of embodiments (aka “designs”) that use different leaf spring layouts, but the lightest of which creates a one-piece upper rail that runs from the front to the rear of the saddle. The attachment points could be beyond the nose and tail to create more travel, but we suspect the finished product will end up hiding them under the shell for better aesthetics.

lauf cycling leaf spring bicycle saddle patent drawings

Another feature mentioned is adjustable stiffness. The images and text suggest individual adjustments that pull or push a wedge inside the leaf spring. The wedge would be as wide as the leaf in order to prevent side-to-side rocking, and essentially change the effective pivot point for the flex to loosen or stiffen the spring. Adjustments could be made with screw-type wedges, levers or inserts.

lauf cycling leaf spring bicycle saddle patent drawings

The design boils down to a low-maintenance saddle with adjustable vertical suspension movement and dropper seatpost compatibility in a lightweight package. Sounds good to us, and it should pair nicely with that new Canyon leaf spring handlebar!



  1. Crash Bandicoot on

    Hard pass from me; perhaps this would be okay for the gravel market but I would figure that on a mtb this would annoy the bejesus out of me while climbing and would move around way to much drop bar bikes.


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