Storage solutions are always welcome in the cycling industry, especially as many MTB riders are looking to ditch their hydration packs these days. Two gents from the UK have come up with another clever idea which isn’t just for MTBers, but road, gravel, adventure riders and commuters too.

76 Projects’ Piggy offers a bit of storage space for most bikes that have bottle cage mounts on the down tube.  Essentially a bracket with an integrated Velcro strap, the Piggy is aimed at on-road riders who want an alternative to a saddle bag (or more on-bike storage), and trail riders who want their bike to haul their essential ride tools.

The Piggy should fit most bikes with bottle cage mounts on the down tube, provided there is a bit of free space behind your bottle. The wide part of the bracket features a slight bend to hug your frame, and a small lip at the bottom to keep cargo from slipping out.

Although it’s not adding a lot of weight, the creators tout their design for keeping your cargo low on the frame. The Piggy won’t interfere with dropper posts, and the designers claim its location is more aerodynamic than a seat bag. It also holds cargo securely, keeping anything from rattling around while you ride.

76 Projects' Piggy, three angles

The Piggy’s bracket is made from glass filled nylon, and the entire unit including hardware weighs 72g. The bracket offers multiple mounting points, so you can slide it up and down the down tube to fit your bike. The bracket’s upper section can host the bottle cage itself, so if required you can position your bottle well ahead of your frame’s mounts to create space for the Piggy below.

76 Projects' Piggy, quick link storage
*Photos and video c. 76 Projects

The Velcro strap is long enough to wrap up a 29er tube, tire levers, a co2 cartridge and a mid-sized multi tool. The bracket also includes built-in storage for a quick link in case you break a chain. Each Piggy comes with a separate silicone band which can be used to divide items or bundle everything together for quick switches from one Piggy-equipped bike to the next.

76 Projects' Piggy, waterproof pouch 76 Projects' Piggy, waterproof pouch with items

A waterproof pouch is also available to keep your cargo protected from the elements. The pouch offers the same capacity as the Piggy’s strap, and closes up with a water resistant zipper. It is made from a durable woven UVPVC fabric, and has a long pull tab for easy zipper operation with cold or gloved hands.

The pouches are all Black, but you can choose between a black, pink or even a custom colored tag. While they are designed for the Piggy, the pouch could be used alone in a jersey pocket or as a mini tool kit in your hydration pack.

The Piggy is available via 76 Projects’ website for $39 USD, and the waterproof pouch sells for $21.


    • Eric, with less than 10 dollars I made a very similar device, use a tube of PVC which is moldable with heat, nylon tape used in backpacks and velcro, the bag is made of an old camera bicycle, this cycling industry is full of very overrated devices. In the end this sport is looking like TV, all packaged, the rider zero imagination.

  1. I have one of these on my road bike and absolutely love it. Now I can ride with virtually empty pockets, but still have tube, multi tool and C02, even has nice little molded in portion to hold a master link. really well done. Just make sure the bolts on the water cage are screwing to deep and hitting your frame. They send various length bolts so make sure to double check.

  2. Specialized SWAT end of story.

    Go ahead, respond with your tired, cliched lawsuit jokes, as you lug 20 pounds on your back and way above your CoG.

  3. See also: King Cargo Cage; around for way more than a year. This is good for small front triangles, but yeah, it’s been done before.

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