With the revival of sweet titanium eeWings cranks from Cane Creek yesterday, also came a slick alloy bearing preloader. The trick, that precision machined preloader can replace the plastic setup on 30mm SRAM and RaceFace cranks, and it isn’t even expensive.

Cane Creek 30mm spindle crank Crank Preloader

The new design of the titanium eeWings crankset necessitated a premium bearing preload solution, fitting to the $1000 cranks. Plastic was out of the question, so Cane Creek designed a simple 7075 aluminum thread ring in gold and a mating 7075 preload spacer in black to dial it in.

Of course the bonus here is that Cane Creek worked with the same preload setup and threading as is found on RaceFace’s 30mm cranks, and it works with SRAM’s 30mm spindle cranks too. For Race Face cranks you just thread the black preloader in place of the plastic RF assembly. On the SRAM cranks you need to pull both parts of the preload setup off, and Loctite the gold thread ring into place. But that’s it.

Then, simply dial in the desired crank preload against the bottom bracket bearings to take out any play, and tighten down the single grade 5 titanium bolt with a 2.5mm Allen key. Ditch the plastic setup, and upgrade your cranks’ preload to alloy for just $29. Pre-order the Crank Preloader now for deliveries slated for the middle of May 2018.



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