Silca has been eyeing the premium water bottle cage market. While pretty much every new cage I’ve seen in the last fifteen years has been composite, Silca is going back to classic titanium. Nothing wrong with that, a ti King Cage is one of the best cages in existence. But what can Silca add?

Silca Sicuro titanium water bottle cage project

Working with a new-to-cycling laser welded manufacturing process for tubular titanium in their Indianapolis headquarters, Silca is finalizing tooling and systems for full-scale in-house production as we speak.

We don’t really have any more detail besides these teaser images, but Silca promised to give us the full details in mid May, with production made-in-the-US titanium bottle cages reader for purchase in early August. We do know they’ll come with a 25 year warranty.

Well, I’ve got a Moots YBB that could do with a pair.

Until then feel free to follow along with the Sicuro project development at, or just wait til we get & share the full details.


  1. I like Silca and buy some of their stuff. It’s very good.

    But King Cage is made in Ron’s basement or garage (or something) and the ti King Cages are amazing and I can’t imagine not buying from King Cage. Ron’s been here all along and epitomizes quality and class and love of cycling. That’s not to say that I won’t still buy from Silca — but not at the expense of a garage operation like King Cage run by a great guy making perfect products.

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  2. I’ve always felt Silca has been attempting to solve problems that don’t really need solving. If this cage comes in at much more than $60 it’ll be a tough sell.

  3. I think they should have made their own look. This cage looks like they just ripped Ron off and put a nicer weld. So what. Buy King Cage. (FYI I sell Silca products )

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