One of the favorite tires in the Schwalbe line up for aggressive riding, the Hans Dampf is about to get even better. While the previous version fit in for riders looking for something more aggressive than the Nobby Nic without quite going all the way to the Magic Mary, this new version offers a similar positioning but with a redesigned tread pattern that Schwalbe claims will be even better.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf tire improves w/ new tread design & Addix compounds Schwalbe Hans Dampf tire improves w/ new tread design & Addix compounds

Compared to the original (right in top photo, bottom in lower photo), the new tread pattern is similar but has a number of new features to improve traction and cornering grip. It still has a semi-open block arrangement, but the blocks themselves are up to 50% bigger which should make them even more durable. New also are a series of elliptically arranged transition blocks positioned around each double center block for predictable handling and confident braking. And the cornering blocks have been made larger while alternating from coarse to small to aid in cornering control on multiple surfaces including loose or loamy.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf tire improves w/ new tread design & Addix compounds

Of course, the new Addix compounds will improve the tires as well with the Soft compound (red stripe) and SpeedGrip compound (blue stripe). Offering supreme grip, Soft is recommended for the front while the SpeedGrip makes for a faster, more durable rear tire, though you could run any combination.

Available in 29, 27.5, 26, and 24″ sizes, widths include 29 x 2.35, 29 x 2.6, 27.5 x 2.35, 27.5 x 2.6, 27.5 x 28, 26 x 2.35 as well as 24 x 2.35. Supergravity and Apex casing also make the tire an option for e-bikes as well. Depending on the casing, size, etc., weights are given as 795/850g for the 27.5/29″ EVO/TLE/Addix Soft/Folding/67tpi 2.35″ tires, or 900/970g for the 27.5/29″ EVO/Apex/TLE/Speedgrip/Folding/67tpi 2.6″ tires. Find the Hans Dampf at Schwalbe dealers starting in July for €32.90 for the Performance line or €57.90 for the Evolution line.



  1. Jones MacArthur on

    The Addix line indicating rubber compound is off-centre and that should be illegal. Symmetry is necessary in life and in bicycles, wherever possible.


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