The Giro d’Italia is all about hunting that maglia rosa, so AG2R La Mondiale riders are getting a bit of pink motivation thanks to CeramicSpeed pulley wheels. The limited edition pink anodized finish will even be available to consumers too, for a limited time in both CeramicSpeed’s standard pulley wheel kits or their even faster oversized OSPW kits.

CeramicSpeed limited Giro pink ceramic bearing pulleys

All of the AG2R La Mondiale team will race this year’s Giro d’Italia equipped with the limited edition pink ano Oversized Pulley Wheel (OSPW) system designed to increase drivetrain performance by reducing the angle of chain wrap over the derailleur cage pulley wheels.


But you can get the pink pulleys too if you act fast during the Giro. You don’t even need to go to the extreme of the OSPW setup, as the pink pulleys come in standard 11-tooth sizes to fit current Campagnolo, Shimano & SRAM road derailleurs as well. Both pulley kits options are made in Denmark and feature reduced-friction CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings and machined aluminum wheels.

The limited Giro pink ceramic bearing pulleys will sell for the same pricing as the regular ceramic kits, so you just need to act fast. $499/459€ for the oversized OSPW including the replacement derailleur cage to fit up to 32-tooth cassettes, or $269/199€ for standard 11-tooth pulley pairs to upgrade your regular cage. They will pop up in bike shops and online direct starting May 4 with the kick off of the Giro.



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