Video: 3T Strada Unboxing Ceremony – The 1x / Single Chainring Road Bike

To some, the 3T Strada is a controversial machine. With a 1x / single chainring drivetrain and disc brakes, it isn’t exactly your run of the mill road bike. Combined with its aerodynamic profile, the 3T Strada looks fast just sitting around.

More controversial than its single chainring and potentially limited gear range, is the fact Irish-registered Professional Continental team, Aqua Blue, are racing this bike in 2018. Unfortunately, the team hasn’t received invitations to any of the three Grand Tours for 2018, but you can be assured the team will be aggressive at any of the World Tour races they are invited to. Signalling their intentions, the team took their first 2018 victory on the 3T Strada at the recent Jayco Herald Sun Tour in Australia, courtesy of Lasse Norman Hansen.

I’m no professional level rider, but I will be reviewing the 3T Strada long-term, ideally testing it across a variety of roads, including some legitimate climbs and descents. In the meantime, this video is the unboxing ceremony for the 3T’s standard built kit of the Strada road bike. The follow-up video will show the build process, followed later by the review itself.

3T Cycling

Video by Gravel Cyclist. Jayson O’Mahoney is the Gravel Cyclist: A website about the Gravel Cycling Experience.


  1. I guess what’s controversial about this bike is not that much 1X disc but too much flex (especially for such a pricey machine).

  2. The one huge complaint I heard about this rig was the time it takes to build. With internal everything, my local bike shop was saying it took him 3-4 times the normal time to build this thing because of the tube shaping made routing a PITA.

    • I don’t want to spoil the review… 1x on the road has forced me to think carefully about which cassette to use, even here in my part of Florida. It isn’t flat, we have some decent hills. Ideally I run a 50/38 and a 12-25 on the road around here… had to factor in at least one bailout gear so to speak on the 1x, something I never had to think about before. If you’re not careful, the gaps become highly irritating. When the review posts, I will have done some testing in the mountains of Georgia… that is going to be interesting.

  3. This is a little too liberal a use of the controversial. Overpriced and limited would be a better description of this frameset. No one has given me a good reason (outside of marketing) why 3T couldn’t at least put a removable FD mount should a rider want to use a 2x group (etap only).

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