Wolf Tooth Components wants all trail users to get along. Sometimes that means alerting hikers, equestrians, and even other cyclists to your presence in a polite manner – rather than just blasting by them after a blind corner. Because of that, they’re fond of the Spurcycle bell. Remember the Spurcycle BellTower that Linderets introduced last year? Well, now that Lindarets is doing design work for Wolf Tooth Components, they have a new option that is even more dropper post friendly.Wolf Tooth ReMote BellTower places Spurcycle and dropper under your thumb

Wolf Tooth ReMote BellTower places Spurcycle and dropper under your thumb


Appropriately named the Wolf Tooth ReMote BellTower, the gadget is just as it sounds. Offering a replacement clamp for your ReMote, ReMote Sustain or ReMote Light Action, the clamp then has its own perch made specifically for any Spurcycle bell. The whole set up allows you to better position your dropper lever while getting the Spurcycle lever close enough to quickly reach it.


Wolf Tooth ReMote BellTower places Spurcycle and dropper under your thumb

You have three options when it comes to purchasing the ReMote BellTower. You can buy it as just a clamp upgrade for any ReMote, ReMote Sustain or ReMote Light Action you already own for $19.95. If you don’t have a ReMote, but do have a Spurcycle bell, you can buy the ReMote/ReMote LA + BellTower for $69.95. And finally, if you don’t have any of the above, you can buy the whole ReMote/ReMote LA + BellTower + Spurcycle for $119.95.



  1. Chris on

    I wonder if this will also work with the spurcycle knock-offs… not that I would condone buying one of those. Asking for a friend obviously.

    • thestansmonster on

      Hey this is the Bikerumor comments section, you’re only supposed to gripe here. Try again but this time tell people you don’t need a bell or a dropper because it won’t fit with your 3x front shifter on your 26″ bike that still works just fine WHY ARE COMPANIES FORCING US TO BUY NEW STUFF!


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