Shimano made no secret that there would be Micro Spline compatible hubs coming from DT Swiss, and now we’ve got the first photo. DT says it will be available on most of their ratchet hubs, which means aftermarket availability of the Micro Drive freehub body, too. So, buy a new hub or DT-equipped wheel set, or just order the new freehub body and you’ll be all set for XTR M9100 when it starts shipping. We’ve inquired about actual ship dates, but until Shimano starts shipping (slated for Fall 2018), it would just be sitting there taunting you anyway.


      • A $475 hub should not require a further $100 in upgrades to render it competitive with the rest of the market. As much as I like DT hubs the 54 point ratchet rings should be standard fit.

        • The 54t ratchets are LOUD AF, if you’re into that sort of thing. Premium hubs also should not have stickers on them, with the front facing the wrong way.

          • As a decade plus user of King hubs I am not overly bothered by the noise, although my Kings are now worn to the point of being actually very quiet, it only took several thousand miles. Maybe the 36t rings as a compromise between strength, engagement and noise.

  1. I agree that the 18-tooth ratchets are anemic and have too much rotation before engaging, but there’s also the 36-tooth option that’s not as expensive as the 54, and it has larger teeth. The teeth on the 54 are minuscule, so larger riders may want to think that one through. Plus, even DT admits there’s slightly (SLIGHTLY) more drag with the 54 because there’s more contact points rubbing together.

    • Smaller teeth may actually be stronger, especially if each tooth is point loaded on any of the tooth counts. Just food for thought.

      • Nevermind…too early. Forgot how DT swiss engagement “gear” looks. Not sure 54 will be weaker, but yeah its not a typically pawl system.

  2. It’s funny that DT even bothers announcing this. For all the whining that we’ll be hearing until XTs budget friendly revision is available, most people seem to forget that the bicycle component industry is driven by OEM sales NOT aftermarket.

    Shimano isn’t releasing specs to other brands until their patent is approved. For the time being it’s patent pending. DT is likely the only partner that can match their required quality and production needs, so it’s no surprise Shimano would start with them.

    I’m laughing at everyone whining about price right now, since all of this just debuted YESTERDAY and none of it will be available until fall or winter. Does everyone forget the whine fest that happened when XD was announced? Many seem to also forget that this is all cyclical, there’s no end point to the upgrades, so don’t expect finality with any of this.

      • It would make sense that if DT are licensing the Micro Spline they can also get the silent freehub mechanism as part of the same freehub. Then the consumer could get a DT hub that has cartridge bearings (compared to Shimano’s cup and cone bearings) that’s both lightweight (compared to Onyx) and silent.

  3. I was hoping they would release a freehub body for their current hubs and DT didn’t disappoint! I know I’ll be using the new XTR…one day.

    And shimano stuff is always available at less than retail and also often on sale.

  4. Great. I calulate XT will be available like same time of the year as Ultegra… So for early summer 2019. For that time I think aliexpress will have hubs with this cassette standard, and a decent pawls system. Swiss has already lot of money from white collar thiefs, not gonna make it bigger. I rather give it directly to the chinese.

  5. I wonder if DT will ever wake up and start DESIGNING hubs and not simply engineering them. The new XTR hubs are works of art compared to this.

  6. Cycling component manufacturing is going the way of a sport called “Cornhole”. Market the functioning parts as something new in an old kind of component way. I mean “Cornhole” was originally called “Lawn darts”.

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