A new custom carbon bike maker named EXEPT is about to pop up on Italy’s Ligurian coast, promising a level of customization previously limited to tube-to-tube construction. Working with their own patented, adjustable molding technology the new Exept bikes will feature completely custom geometry and  even layup across a range of road bike options to be debuted at Eurobike in a few weeks.

Exept full custom, shaped carbon road bikes

Exept is a new custom carbon bike brand set to debut in a few weeks using the patented custom manufacturing technology that they developed under the name of Ego Cycles in its early days. Their unique monocoque bike building technique allows the use of complex tubing shaping and more elaborate carbon fiber lay-up than classic custom bikes would allow, all while retaining geometry customization thanks to adaptable molds. All that is thanks to modular partial molds, paired with a vacu-forming technique.

Exept is expected to debut this summer with a disc brake all-road bike design, adaptable to race or endurance geometry, as well as with a traditional round seatpost or a more integrated solution. Pricing for the frame and fork is said to start around 4500€, with complete bike builds also possible, and roughly up to an 8 week lead time. An aero road bike platform is also set to launch in 2018 as well, with aspirations possibly for adventure gravel and cross racing platforms in development as well.

Exept’s process breaks customization down into easy to manage steps that they say is both scalable across cycling disciplines and will make it easy for them to customize bike to a global customer audience. They also have partnered with Fit4Bike to offer customer fits, as well as to inform their own geometry development. Buyers will have the chance to get a professional fit or collect the pertinent data themselves, often from a current bike fit they prefer.

The Exept product development team has decades of experience in bike building, even working closely with retired, but one of the oldest, still-active frame builders in Italy who advise on everything from the artisan to historic sides of frame building.

We will be sure to get more information out of the team at Eurobike, and their ‘next level custom rides’.



  1. There appear quite a few custom carbon fiber options coming from Italy.
    My next bike may be from there.

    Cipollini (mcipollini.com)
    Working Cycles (werking.cc)
    Formigli (formigli.com)
    Divo (divobike.com)

    There’s a really big one that escapes my memory.

  2. Please don’t be misleading. They say can do monocoque frame (false like in 99% of the case in this industry), but it’s enough to look quickly at their websites to understand that is done as a tube to tube construction, just a bit more refined. Instead that wrapping around the joints, like sarto and others more traditional, they are using small molds to joint their already preformed tubes. So, it’s not one piece molded frame, also if the fibers at joint can be better placed than the wrapped ones. Moreover, The frame front triangle is formed in two different steps at tube and joint. So nothing new.. for your info, there was a similar patent long time ago, but maybe nobody is claiming it nomore. To much bullshit from these companies that claim something that they don’t have. Monocoque means done (processed) in one piece and not glued, welded, combined, to remain in one piece. Otherwise all our steel frame and similar are a monocoque frame.

    • Monocoque definition is – a type of construction in which the outer skin carries all or a major part of the stresses. – so pretty much ever bike – including steel and aluminum bikes. Unless they use I-beams…

      • Wolf is right about the monocoque definition.
        However, this is exactly why you need to process it in one piece. In any glued, joined, co-moulded, etc. frame, stresses at the joints are transferred from the outer layer to the inner ones in order to flow across the structure. As a consequence, the “outer skin” (which is the external layer of carbon fiber) is no more sustaining “a major part of the stress” and the interface (glue or resin) between outer and inner layers plays a crucial role. So SuperG is right too and Exept frames should be not called “monocoque”. Otherwise, any glued, joined, co-moulded frame could be claimed as “monocoque”. Their process is interesting, but should not be claimed as monocoque.

  3. Yes, Sarto is the manufacturer that I couldn’t remember.

    Battaglin claims to make custom carbon fiber bikes in Italy too.

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