“If you’re familiar with ultra-endurance cycling, Kristof needs no introduction. Kristof has won the world’s premier sealed road bikepacking race, The Transcontinental, three times. He won the 2015 edition of the 9,200km Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme race. He was leading the inaugural Indian Pacific Wheel Race in 2017 after a brutal 5,000 km showdown with Mike Hall, when the race was cancelled after Mike Hall was tragically killed by a motorist. Kristof’s performances have astounded dot-watchers as much as his opponents.” – Curve Cycling.

“While the mild-mannered Belgian might play down his achievements, he just doesn’t know how to lose unsupported ultra-endurance events. His style is characterised by a relentless drive to move forward, with an impressive moving average speed coupled with very little rest. He needs a bike he can trust and Curve bikes have been proven in the battlefield of unsupported ultra-endurance racing. From the deserts of Australia to the mountains of the Tour Divide, Curve bikes are designed to perform in the toughest events on the planet. The fit for Kristof is perfect.”

“I’m excited to ride Curve because they make the bikes I like to ride. It’s back to basics with solid bikes that you can trust under all conditions”, Kristof said.

“While Kristof isn’t focussed on racing right now he has a full calendar of exciting adventures planned, with a possible record attempt on the horizon.”

“There’s a tough, well contested record that I am interested to challenge. The record was achieved with support but I think I might attempt it unsupported. I still have some more research to do first”, Kristof said.

Curve can’t say much more right now, but they are super excited to see what Kristof attacks next.
Kristof’s Curve Belgie

  • Frame: Curve Belgie Disc Titanium
  • Wheels: Curve G4 Carbon 45mm
  • Groupset: Campagnolo Record Disc Mech. Compact 50~34 + 12~27 Cassette
  • Tires: Continental GP 4000 25mm
  • Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Titanium
  • Handlebars: Ritchey WCS
  • Framebag: Apidura
  • Sponsors: Curve, Sportful, Supernova Lights
  • Code Name: Natascha

Curve Cycling

Article by Gravel Cyclist. Jayson O’Mahoney is the Gravel Cyclist: A website about the Gravel Cycling Experience.


  1. mudrock on

    Anyone who brags that they were leading the Indian Pacific Wheel race when it was cancelled after Mike Hall’s death does not have any class. I hope he isn’t doing that. And anyone else who thinks that’s a brag-worthy achievement, should stop, JOM.

  2. gringo on

    i am a big fan of ultra endurance racing, yet I never heard of the guy.
    The writer of this press release should tone it down a notch.

  3. John on

    Also, the guys that organised the IPWR work for (or own) and ride Curve. It was a legendary battle by two legends that had the utmost respect for each other and both would be the last to brag about it. I think he speaks to his class that it doesn’t say ‘won the initial IPWR’, because he still finished and was the first person to do so.

  4. François Prince on

    I really love to see external (shifting) cable-routing on an actual bike! By the way, I work in a bike shop 😉

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      Agreed albeit internal routing isn’t too bad as long as the routing along the chain stay is external e.g. allez sprint or logical if internal.


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