After quite a bit of back and forth, starting July 1st, disc brakes are road bike legal according to the UCI once again. The announcement comes in a package deal which the UCI has dubbed ‘Agenda 2022’, or their “strategic road map for the next four years.” Agenda 22 covers a number of rule and policy changes from allowing disc brakes for both road and BMX training and competitions, to gender equality issues like equal price money for men and women in the Telenet UCI Cyclocross World Cup, to the announcement of a new UCI Medical Director, Professor Xavier Bigard (Professor X?). Conveniently, the re-integration of disc brakes into professional road racing takes effect one week before the start of the Tour de France.

Check out the full press release and all the rule changes through the link below.


  1. Who was actually holding off on buying a disc brake road bike because of regulations. Jeez they might be still banned in mass start races here in the US but people have been using them forever; even at our state TT there were guys using Beam TT bikes w/o a second look from the officials.

  2. I think the bigger issue is that the UCI are intending to write equal prize money for men’s and women’s events into the rules. With so many governing bodies being stubbornly intransigent on the issue it’s quite pleasing to see the UCI making a decision, hopefully the start of them rolling out the policy to all UCI events.
    Disc brakes in BMX is a bit odd, fair enough to have them in the rules, but I don’t see them becoming widely used in the famously low cost sport of BMX racing, riders only use the brake once or twice a run anyway.

      • I live an hour from two tracks and go club racing a couple of times a month. Aside from a few kids with sponsors everyone is on a bike that cost about £500 or less. Compare to an Enduro or Triathlon where the average price of the bikes is often ten times that amount. I meet plenty of people racing on bikes that cost less than £250, you deifintely won’t be lining up at a mountain bike race on that budget.

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