Earlier this year, we had a chance to visit Lezyne just before the start of Sea Otter. We were there for the launch of their Year 12 model line, but also for a sneak peek at something big. Well, relatively big in terms of physical size, but huge for Lezyne. That visit to San Luis Obispo was our first chance to check out the all new Mega GPS which should bring their GPS line to a new scale.

In terms of the physical units themselves, they are indeed Mega. The Mega XL is the biggest of the two and features a 240 x 400 pixel high resolution screen that can be run vertically or horizontal. There’s also a slightly smaller Mega C that includes a 240 x 320 pixel color screen that can only be run vertically. The larger screens are useful for easily seeing maps (see below), or for seeing more fields of data if that’s your thing.

The XL will show up to 10 fields of data across five pages, while the C will allow for 8 fields on the same five pages.

You also get more memory and more battery life for a 48 hour run time on the XL and 35 hour run time on the C.

One of the biggest improvements to the platform is the introduction of offline navigation. After downloading a region while connected to wifi, you can then design and create your own routes through the app without a data connection. That should make it a lot easier to find your way home if your plans change while riding in the middle of nowhere.

Additionally, riders will now have the ability to better control their workouts with new firmware with integrated features for Strava, TrainingPeaks, or Today’s Plan. That includes the ability to see two data fields from today’s plan at once, normalized power, TSS Training Stress Score, Intensity Factor, custom workouts, indoor training mode, and more. Of course, you’ll also be able to continue to receive phone alerts through the bluetooth connection as before.

photos courtesy Lezyne

This is all packaged in the same robust housing that has made Lezyne GPS units some of our favorites in the past. And both the Mega XL and Mega C are available for $199 each, continuing Lezyne’s run of impressive pricing for the amount of features. The two new units will join their current line up for a wide range of options depending on your needs.



  1. I own a Lezyne Super GPS. With a sale code I think I paid $120. I’ve never owned a Garmin or Wahoo, but generally happy with the Lezyne so far (had it maybe 5-6 months). Hasn’t been perfect, but no fatal flaws for me. I’m thankful there are options at lower price points compared to Garmin.

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