The 2019 Transition Patrol 27.5 spotted at Eurobike gets a full carbon construction, including rocker arm, and takes Transition’s Speed Balanced Geometry (SBG) up a gear. The new Patrol weighs in 1 kg lighter than its aluminum predecessor and remains adorned with a set of bespoke Fox 36 forks.

2019 Transition Patrol in Carbon TR Blue hiding in plain sight at Eurobike

The 2019 Transition Patrol sees a few geometry changes with a steeper seat tube angle (77.1º in medium) providing a better pedaling position. As with previous models, the bespoke forks from Fox have a slightly reduced offset of 37mm whereby the crown sits further back, permitting a slacker head tube angle. This negates any negative effects of a slacker head angle, improving the front to rear weight distribution, which is often out of balance on long and slack bikes.

The reduced fork offset brings the front axle closer to the threaded bottom bracket allowing for a slacker head tube angle

No geometry changes have been made to the rear triangle but the reach has been lengthened (450mm in medium) and the full build gets a shorter 40 mm ANVL stem. The Patrol features Boost 148mm dropout spacing, Enduro max sealed bearings, molded rubber downtube and chain stay protection, Trunnion Metric Shock Sizing, and has externally routed rear brake cables. The NX Build level now features a Charger Damper, Eagle Drivetrain, and 4-piston brakes.

2019 Transition Patrol Carbon NX build featuring SRAM Eagle Drivetrain and Charger Damper
Featuring Fox Float DPX2 metric shock sizing and Enduro Max Sealed Bearings

The Patrol is also available in Carbon Sagebrush Gray. The full carbon build starts at $4199 USD.

2019 Transition Patrol Carbon is also available in Sagebrush Gray



  1. “The reduced fork offset brings the front axle closer to the threaded bottom bracket allowing for a slacker head tube angle”
    How does the reduced offset “allow for” a slacker HTA? Both make the trail longer, right? And both make the wheel flip-flop more at lower speeds, right? What am I missing?

    • yes, in terms of trail, he’s got it backwards. its just adding to total trail. it does help with the wheelbase slightly, so i’m sure that’s what he means. still not the place to shave wheelbase, as too much trail will cause the bike to handle like a shopping cart.

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