If you ask us, the Camelbak Podium series is one of the best bottles around. But that doesn’t mean they were perfect. If you uh, neglected your cleaning duties and the inside of the bottle became a science project, getting the valve assembly clean could be a complicated affair. Not to mention that depending on the bottle cage, some made it a bit more difficult to get the bottle in and out while riding. That’s where the Podium 3.0 comes in.

Camelbak Podium 3.0 bottles get better cage fit and easier to clean

After redesigning their entire line, Camelbak is ready to take the Podium to the trails and streets in 2019. There will still be four different models – the standard non-insulated, non-insulated Dirt series with a mud cap, the insulated Podium, and the double insulated Podium Ice. All four will be available in 21oz bottles, while the standard non-insulated and the insulated will also be available in a larger 24oz size.

In order to make the bottle shape more user friendly, Camelbak says that they bought just about every bottle cage they should get their hands on to test. The new shape will supposedly work better on the Euro-style cages without a split in the middle (which often didn’t work at all on the Podium 2.0 insulated), and it should make the bottles easier to grab from the cage, and put back in the cage while riding.

Camelbak Podium 3.0 bottles get better cage fit and easier to clean

In addition to the new profile, the bottles have redesigned cap that keeps the original functionality of the Jet valve but should be easier to clean.

Camelbak Podium 3.0 bottles get better cage fit and easier to clean

The system can now be broken down into three pieces for easier cleaning with the main cap, the jet valve assembly, and the crud guard.

Camelbak Podium 3.0 bottles get better cage fit and easier to clean

The crud guard is a removable plug that keeps anything large that gets past the Jet Valve from entering the bottle. You can also just remove this plug for easy cleaning of the inside without actually removing the Jet Valve assembly.

Camelbak Podium 3.0 bottles get better cage fit and easier to clean

But if you really need some deep cleaning, the Jet Valve assembly is removable and easier than ever to clean.

Camelbak Podium 3.0 bottles get better cage fit and easier to clean

The new bottles should be available in January, and pricing is expected to be similar to the previous series. You’ll also have the option for the new Podium Flow Belt which is a new hip pack specifically designed for the Podium Dirt Series which we’ll have full details on in the next post!


  • Podium 3.0 21oz – $10
  • Podium 3.0 24oz – $11
  • Podium 3.0 Insulated 21oz – $14
  • Podium 3.0 Insulated 24oz – $16
  • Podium 3.0 Ice 21oz – $25
  • Podium Dirt Series 21oz – $14




  1. Great bottles – great to see further refinement.
    If you think cleaning them is hard, try removing the packaging under the nozzle of one of the current bottles!!!!!

  2. Looks great, I don’t buy many $10+ bottles these days now that I discovered the $2 tacx ones from Merlin (makes it a little easier tossing to the road side at a feedzone during a race…we all know no matter how precise you are and how many areas your write your name; you never get your bottles back) but I do like the custom camelback bottles I have bought with custom graphics from bike shops. Really hope their custom bottle program gains more momentum; I absolutely hate specialized bottles; the caps tend to leak after a year or less of sparing use whereas my Camelback, Elite, and Tacx bottles are still going strong many years and dishwasher cycles, down the line and a fraction of the price.

    • You can just buy the dirt cap separately and put it on any other bottle, or at least you can with the current gen. Or take it off the dirt and put it on a different bottle. Hopefully they’ll still offer that this time around.

    • Yes they do – I just bought a replacement lid plus a dirt series bottle and moved those lids to my 2nd gen Podium Ice bottles.

  3. I agree, the old podiums are pretty nice, except for the fact that they don’t actually fit in a bottle cage. Strange, to me, that it took this long for them to figure that out.

  4. Are these new bottles biodegradable?
    Until then I ll stick with Elite. Which are easier to squeeze and more secure as well.

  5. Hopefully, the new lids are made so you actually can empty the bottles. The ones I have has almost 10cl left that can’t come out. Kinda defeats the purpose of a bottle, no?

  6. What I like about Camelbak is that they always seek to improve upon what they already have. And the Podiums are my favorite product.

    I think that cleaning the Jet Valve will always be the major inconvenience no matter the iteration. I trust that they’ll find ways to keep improving on it.

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