Since Cane Creek took over the ee brand, they’ve been constantly in search of parts in need of enlightenment. While it’s mostly been big parts like the eeBrakes, eeWings cranks, and the new eeSilk suspension seat post, they’ve also added their spin to a few smaller components like the eeNut preload assembly and the latest – the eeBarKeep.

EB18: Cane Creek likes it neat with new eeBarKeep ultra light bar end plugs EB18: Cane Creek likes it neat with new eeBarKeep ultra light bar end plugs EB18: Cane Creek likes it neat with new eeBarKeep ultra light bar end plugs

Rather than relying on a cheap plastic plug that’s liable to fall out of the end of your bars, the eeBarKeep is a sophisticated take on the standard bar plug. The intricately machined plugs are made from 6061 aluminum and use a 5mm allen bolt to expand the plug inside of the handlebar.

EB18: Cane Creek likes it neat with new eeBarKeep ultra light bar end plugs

Even though they’re made of metal, the plugs come in at just 6g each, for a total of 12g per handlebar. The $39 bar plugs are certainly a luxury item, but if you’re looking for a classy way to cap off your bars, these look pretty sweet.


  1. Like the idea, but I’m skeptical that many people will see $39 of value. I probably prefer a plain black plug to something with logos on it, too, but that’s just my taste.

  2. Some pretty stupid comments above. Hey armchair engineers, you read over the part these are made of metal? Did you look at the pics closely or did your cheap (deleted) eyes just go to the price so you could b*tch about it in the comments? Grow up, just because your cheap ass who buy’s throw away crap doesn’t wanna pay for it doesn’t mean it’s not a solid idea. And this is a solid idea.

    Am I gonna go buy 10 sets for every bike in my garage tomorrow? No, but I would if I could. Can’t but doesn’t mean I need to go make insecure comments to make up for a lack of cash in my bank account. It’s a solid, well made, reasonably priced product for what it is. Hell, everything Cane Creek makes is good stuff that’ll last you a long time.

    • I don’t understand how this is “a solid idea”. In 30 years of riding, I think I’ve lost 1 plastic plug on the road (I’ve probably lost 100s under the couch due to how irresistible they apparently are to felines).

      $39 for something that doesn’t work any better than something you can easily get for free… yeah, solid.

      • I have an entire drawer at the shop full of random bar plugs. I hand them out like candy due to the sheer number of people that wander in looking for a bar plug because one of theirs is gone. Lots of plastic ones do fall out, because they’re not well fitting.

        I use the Shimano Pro metal expanding bar plugs on most of my bikes, or the similar thing from Cannondale, except on the one bike that has the Ritchey tire lever bar plugs.

  3. You can buy LED bar end plug lights for less money. I’ve never had one fall out and they give you a back up light just in case you find yourself in low light conditions unexpectedly. That’s what I use on my drop bar bikes if I am not using the cheap plastic plug that comes with Cinelli bar tape. Which doesn’t fall out either (if inserted correctly) and is quite light. On flat bars, the snap cap on the end of ODI clamps does the job just fine.

  4. Folks complaining about a $40 part going on their multi-thousand dollar bike haha… GTFO. These things looks great, being Cane Creek they probably work awesome, and Its a nicer more durable option than plastic so I’ll get a set or two at least…

  5. Love the design and finish, but the fact is they will be all scratched up after a few rides and all that premium feel will be gone. Not the right place for a premium item.

  6. The people complaining about never loosing their bar plugs obviously don’t ride their bikes.
    My shop hands our bar plugs like crazy. Like the other comments above, the locking ones work great, these are just a cut above the rest and look amazing. Keep killing it Cane Creek.

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