Over the past few years, Chris King has made a habit of leaking new colors and parts at Eurobike, and this year was no different. From the looks of it, Chris King will be offering two new colors in the near future which are matte versions of options currently in their line up.

EB18: Chris King teases new Matte Mango and Blue parts
Matte blue and mango in front of their gloss counterparts

We couldn’t get the official names of the new colors, but from the looks of things it looks like they are matte versions of the current Mango and Blue parts. The blue was pretty light and looks somewhere between the blue and turquoise Chris King parts.

EB18: Chris King teases new Matte Mango and Blue parts EB18: Chris King teases new Matte Mango and Blue parts

The new colors were shown in hubs, headsets, and bottom brackets, which covers the gamut of CK products. No word on actual availability of the new colors, so keep you eyes out for the official announcement from Chris King which should come fairly soon.



  1. “We’re at the big show checking out the latest technological updates from everyone… what’s new at CK?” “Well I was eating the lovely mango for breakfast the other day and thought… a new ano color for EB!” Seems when you’re dealing w/ retro traditional frame builders, you don’t have to change much. Great niche to be in and smart branding. I think they are smarter then everyone else… bet their engineers ride more then the other brands engineers. Wait, Asia factories do not ride the products they make or have any idea about cycling culture (with a few exceptions of course). FYI, don’t take this post too serious because I don’t.

    • “bet their engineers ride more then the other brands engineers”

      The couple of engineers that work there don’t ride at all. Most of the shop guys don’t either. No one in management rides with any real regularity, either. The CS group does, but that’s about it, really.

  2. The matte colors just make the parts look cheaper, imo. Maybe up close and in person it’s better, but I’d rather have the shiny bits.

  3. Seriuosly… this isn’t news. It’s not a rumor either. It’s just another color for a part… It’s barely even gravel

  4. I hope this available on their upcoming integrated headsets! Can’t wait to stick them on all my bikes that us an IS headset standard.

  5. D*mn Chris King and their Burgesse attitude! All this slow availability of colors and options with theexcusethey area small company.. No wonder other brands susch as I9 and Onyx are gaining market share… Great products, but their high royalty attitude bleeds thru…

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