CeramicSpeed have lifted the lid on a contest to ride away with something money can’t buy – a replica of the special edition silver Factor O2 bike being ridden right now by multiple stage winner Romain Bardet at the Tour de France. Included in the build is a unique glittery ‘Victory Edition’ OSPW System that only Bardet and two other pros will ever ride.

CeramicSpeed ‘Victory Edition’ OSPW Factor O2 contest

CeramicSpeed hand painted in glittery, iridescent silver a few of their Over Sized Pulley Wheel (OSPW) systems with the trick 3D-printed hollow titanium pulleys for Frenchman Bardet, as well as triathletes Patrick Lange & Mario Mola who will race them next month. Apparently they had one of the custom painted ‘Victory Edition’ 1700€ 13/19T derailleur pulley cages left over, so they decided to build a custom bike around it to give away to some lucky cyclist.

The result is a complete bike valued at roughly 20,000€ that includes a Factor O2 frame kit painted as a replica of Bardet’s AG2R La Mondiale special Silver bike for the Tour.

It includes a full Black Inc. carbon cockpit & seatpost topped by a Fizik Arione R1 saddle, plus a complete mechanical electronic Shimano R9150 Dura-Ace Di2 groupset and a set of new Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Tubular TdF Edition carbon wheels. CeramicSpeed rounds out the build with their own ceramic bearing headset and BBright bottom bracket.

The contest runs from now until July 29,  open to cyclists worldwide. Register to win at CeramicSpeed’s TdF website. The ‘Victory Edition’ OSPW System will not be for sale, so this is your only shot at one.



  1. I think that is a bad time to announce this kind of giveaway. Bardet had to change the bike two times on Sunday’s stage of Le Tour due to mechanical failures. I do not even mention the 3 times he had flats on the same stage.

    • Agree even though punctures and shifting issues can happen with any set up its probably not the best timing for this sort of announcement.

    • Oh no a bike that is being raced hard had issues that can face any bike at any time for any reason. You have a chance to win a free bike with top of the line components. Heck I am not a AG2R fan but the chance to own a bike like this is awesome.

      Who cares if the CeramicSpeed stuff might seem goofy or unneeded or a waste of money for little gain it looks cool and certainly performs well and in this case it is rare and free! Plus those colors look sexy and who doesn’t love a little Ti every once and while?!

      I am glad that we have so many brands out there trying to push these small gains because eventually it will start to trickle down to lower price points and hopefully drive the industry further forward or have some diversity so we aren’t all riding the same boring thing. There will always be odd and expensive tech that you might question but without it we don’t get to where we are today. Back in olden times people rode the Tour on fixed gears now we have 11 and 12 speeds with electronic shifting and hydraulic brakes on bikes that need to have weight added to them because the UCI won’t keep up.

  2. So people are complain about Ceramic Speed stuff on a bike that’s being given away? Really? What’s that saying about gift horses?

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