For quite a while, ENVE complete wheels had two hub options. DT Swiss or Chris King. Now it looks like there’s a third option, though it will only be available on the ENVE G Series and SES Disc brake wheelsets.


Sticking with the high end, high quality hub theme, the aforementioned wheels will now be available with Industry Nine Torch hubs for their disc brake builds. Offered on the ENVE G Series (G23, G27, and M525 G) gravel wheels or the SES Disc Brake series (SES 3.4, 4.5, 5.6, or 7.8), the hubs are options through their online wheel configurator, and run the same price as DT Swiss 240 disc hubs. Chris King hubs are still a few hundred dollars more. We’re double checking, but it seems like black will be the only color option for the hub, but you’ll still get your choice of decal color.

Complete gravel and road wheels with Industry Nine hubs are available now.


  1. Nice. Good to have options. I like I9 hubs quite a bit. Great quality, Made in the USA (which matters a lot to some, a little to some, and not at all to others), super quick engagement, and loud for those who want that. Plus easier to get into the guts to service than CK hubs, plus with way less proprietary tools required!

  2. Great news, love my i9 hubs. Freewheel drag is not off the charts, and I don’t have to ding a bell to run the 2 mile ped path gauntlet on my way to the trails – people hear me coming and step aside. My last pair came with my favorite color option: black everything.

  3. My Reynolds aero 65s have I9 and thryre amazing, $1000 less than equivalent from enve at least, best deal around. Wheels are flawless so far 1500 miles….

  4. Got a set and very poor, both front and rear I9 bearings gone in 8 months. Had CK before and no problems like this.

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