When we think vacuum sealed bike racks, our thoughts immediately go to SeaSucker. That’s because the brand has been doing the suction cup thing for years, and for the most part has had very little competition. But now, a new start up called Kupper Mounts is pumping up their own vacuum-based rack system.

Kupper Mounts are the latest vacuum sealed bike rack to stick to your roof Kupper Mounts are the latest vacuum sealed bike rack to stick to your roof

Simply called the Kupper Mount, the rack won’t quite challenge the Sea Sucker Hornet as the “world’s smallest bike rack” (which has been updated quite a bit since we last posted about it), the Kupper Mount is a very compact way to transport your bike. Unlike the Hornet which carries your bike upside down by the handlebars, the Kupper Mount is an upright carrier with a fork mount up front and a simple wheel strap out back.

Kupper Mounts are the latest vacuum sealed bike rack to stick to your roof

The finished products will ship with a case (not the one pictured above), the two rack pieces, a pedal-stay velcro strap for securing the crank, a cam strap, and a security tether.

Kupper Mounts are the latest vacuum sealed bike rack to stick to your roof

Like SeaSucker racks, Kupper Mount attaches to a flat spot on your vehicle by pulling a strong vacuum by using the integrated pump. However, it should be mentioned that while the Kupper Mount does use a larger 10″ vacuum cup up front, it still is just one cup. SeaSucker doesn’t sell an upright bike mount that uses less than three cups up front which gives the racks a wider bracing angle for more support (while also adding redundancy in case a vacuum seal fails).

Remember that these racks usually rely on the strength of your vehicle’s sheet metal, so you might be limited to where you could place the Kupper Mount without buckling the roof – however, it can also be used on a window to be used on the back of the vehicle as well. They also state that it’s only good to elevations of 5,000 feet, which would put a lot of mountain dwellers in the danger zone.


If those concerns don’t bother you, the Kupper Mount could be a convenient way to carry your bike without resorting to a permanently mounted rack. Pull it out of your bag, pump it up on the roof, and attach your bike and go. The Kupper Mount should be compatible with thru axles as long as you add the correct fork-mount adapter, and the rear wheel strap is said to fit most wheel and tire sizes up to 3.0″.

Currently available through a Kickstarter pre-order, pricing is $99 per single bike rack at the moment, with the finished product expected to be delivered by December. At the moment, Kupper Mount still has roughly $23,000 to meet their funding goal, with 15 days to go.



  1. i on

    At least the price is right… or more right than Seasucker at least. It would [to me] make a lot more sense to have 15mm be the stock/standard configuration, and offer an adapter to qr rather than the other way around. At least for a new product in 2018.

    The only way I could ever see myself using a suction cup carrier is on a rental car, and in that sense this seems better than seasucker – smaller and for how much I travel I can’t see spending seasucker money.

  2. Crash Bandicoot on

    I love my seasucker talon. Although I now just leave the hitch rack on my car (especially since we often drive with 2 hard tails) it’s a fantastic travel/emergency rack and perfectly fine if you’ve only got to transport 1 road bike. I would not trust just one vacuum cup though; you need the redundancy of multiple points of affixement.

  3. Chader on

    Interesting. As there are already the various SeaSucker designs and these Kupper vacuum cups are pure copies of the original Wood’s Powr-Grip vacuum cups, it’s hard to know if they can actually earn a patent with this blend.

    I guess I should be flattered (since I designed the original 9″ concave rubber vacuum pad that’s used for the front mount, as well as updated versions of the Taiwanese copies they are using for the other vacuum cup parts), but it’s odd since all he has done is slapped a fork mount on a vacuum cup and wheel strap on the back. It’s just a shade better than the garage prototypes shown in the video.

    I guess, more power to them if they can make it work.

  4. Andrew on

    I’d love to use one of these for when I’m traveling…..IF it works….I’m just a bit leary until there is more testing done…. is it worth $100 to try??

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      Agree with that. I’ve always felt very comfortable with my talon. I had one cup fail on me in 3 years of abuse (sat in a trunk 100% of the time in the Texas summers) and even that cup had a decent amount of grip (just the white part of the pump was showing) the other 2 cups were more than sufficient to hold the bike on the roof at freeway speeds.


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