Debuted earlier this summer with the consumer-direct, but not assembled OB1 gravel bike, Thesis is back now separately offering the wide tubeless carbon 650B & 700C wheels spec’ed on the OB1. And they are something else too. Infused with Graphene nanotech, Thesis says it increases wheel impact strength by 20% without adding weight. And built with DT hubs & Pillar aero spokes they’ll cost you less than a grand…

Thesis carbon + graphene 650B & 700C gravel road wheels

Upstart brand Thesis will ship OB1 Gravel Bike straight to your door

Developed for their own gravel bike, Thesis figured a lot of other riders would appreciate getting their hands on a set of light & durable $999 carbon wheels. With many gravel bikes these days fitting 650B & 700C wheels, it’s nice to have a spare wheelset to quickly change the character of your bike from fast, comfortable road cruising, to full-on gravel grinding. No need to even worry about tire swaps, or messing with tubeless sealant.

Thesis’ new wheels also some of the first to incorporate Graphene nanofibers into the resin that binds their carbon fibers, surprisingly at an affordable price point. This is said to double the resin’s bond strength, leading to the 20% increased impact strength claim.

Both wheelsets are handbuilt with their wide tubeless carbon rims to DT Swiss 350 centerlock hubs, 2x with 28 j-bend Pillar PSR X-tra bladed aero stainless spokes, and brass nipples. All rims feature offset, angled spoke drilling and reinforced nipple beds for strength & longterm durability.

Thesis Ultra-Wide Carbon 650B gravel bike wheels

Thesis ultra wide aero carbon fiber road and gravel bike wheels with graphene fibers to improve strength and impact resistanceDeveloped for the gravel grinding and bikepacking personality of their OB1 bike, the Ultra-Wide 650B wheels promise mountain bike ready strength at just 1460g. The 650B wheels use a wide 27.3mm internal rim and a hookless tubeless bead to offer reliable support for 45+mm tires, even down to MTB low tire pressures and for singletrack trail riding.

Thesis ultra wide aero carbon fiber road and gravel bike wheels with graphene fibers to improve strength and impact resistance

The graphene-infused carbon rims are 33mm wide external and 24.5mm deep, constructed of a mix of Toray T700 & T800 carbon fibers. Air up some fat tires to take on adventure riding with max traction, comfort & control.

Thesis Aero Wide Carbon 700B road & gravel wheels

Thesis UltraWide 650B gravel and touring carbon fiber wheels with graphene

Destined for more of a mix of paved road, dirt road & adventure touring, the Aero-Wide 700C wheels offer a bit more top-end speed in a blunt-nosed, 44mm deep aerodynamic profile. The 700C wheelset also gets a wide tubeless-ready carbon rim, here 22mm wide internal / 30mm outside with a thin bead hook for aero performance with 28-30mm slicks (max 90psi), while still giving good support to up to 45mm tires for dirt & gravel. Complete 700C wheelsets run 1590g and are happy both on and off-road.

Thesis UltraWide 650B gravel and touring carbon fiber wheels with graphene

“We built these wheels to be some of the best out there,” says Theis founder Randall Jacobs. “These aren’t disposable weight-weenie wheels. We applied the same obsessive, evidence-driven approach to spec that we used throughout the OB1 bike to create some of the highest performing, longest lasting, and most versatile wheels in the industry. And with our factory-direct model, we’re able to deliver them to our riders at a fraction of the traditional price.”

Both new carbon Thesis gravel bike wheelsets retail for $999 a set, and are available for pre-order direct from their website. Thesis says the wheels will ship out to customers in October 2018 – about the same time as the first pre-orders of their gravel bike.


  1. Carnivor on

    Like their gravel frame (rebranded Carbonda), they’re taking open mold carbon rims, lacing to DT350, and selling for $1k? I’m sure it’s a good product but for the price, it’s not exactly a great deal. Light bicycle has basically the same thing but significantly cheaper and they’re not pretending to be something they’re not.

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      Those are nice hubs but agree 1g for wheels from a company that not many people have heard of exactly cheap you can get HED Jet 6 +’s for less monies.

      • Randall R. Jacobs on

        Hey Crash – Thanks for chiming in. Just wanted to share a few thoughts.The wheels you mention seem to retail at $1800, and we would gladly put our Aero-Wide 700C wheelset head-to-head with them in terms of quality. As for us being a new brand, the truth is that most high-end brands are sourcing from the same set of factories using the same materials and manufacturing techniques. With rims in particular, it’s often the factory’s engineer doing the actual layup design. We just don’t pretend otherwise. All we leave out are the apparently very expensive logos.

        • bah on

          most will lie, so good on you for telling the truth. that said i’m happy with my 650usd 24mm dt350 wheels from a mold of that factory..

          it’s a really competitive market

      • Robin on

        Working 8 hours a day for 3 days would require a pay rate of $41.67/hr in order to make that $1000 you claim someone willing to work could make. I suspect you’re out of touch with what the median income is in the US (hint: it’s about $29.52/hr). $1000 is a nearly a bargain for good CF wheels, but your exaggeration falls well short of reality.

        • blahblahblah on

          yeah im not talking about those who turn up just to get a paycheck so sorry it will take 4.23441734 days happy now

      • Record11Carbon on

        (deleted). While I easily make enough money in half a day, that is not the reality for most Americans. Plus, as others have said – these are “open mould” wheels with nothing special but a run of the mill hub.

        I am betting that Blahblah is in Califonya or some such place. Certainly not in reality,

        As an aside, I do have a new 2018 Super Record 12 kid on my custom Ti bike…so…I get what it means to have nice things. The wheels in this story are not it, the words from blahblahblah…simply moronic.

        • blahblahblah on

          “while i easily make enough money in half a day” so thats $2000 a day and you call me delusional and if thats the truth pat yourself on the back you are awesome!

          • Record11Carbon on

            Blah…used to race “Pro”…what ever that means. These days, some 20+ years later…$1000 is STUPID for wheels (in the land of $5000 wheel sets)…then again, what do I know. I used to beat Pro’s on their dream bikes with a scratch together Open Pro 4CD wheel set 32x on Shimano 600 hubs and a chain I broke more than once….

  2. odellio on

    @luddite… Same time $117,000 a year became the new poverty level in the Bay Area?

    I probably say 1k is “approachable” but I wouldn’t call it “super-affordable” either. That being said, I’m happy to see price points on carbon wheels dropping.

  3. Dave on

    I’ll stick with my Reynolds ATR. These have been bomb proof. And I know Reynolds will stand behind them with a life time warranty that includes even if I crash and hit a rock or a stump. While the Reynolds cost me $1500.00 the extra $500.00 was so worth it.

    And I also like to support my local shops. Not a fan of consumer direct.


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