Speedvagen recently debuted a couple of new crossers in their stock, factory-build Ready Made series. But if you aren’t ready to race a Vanilla Workshop cyclocross bike yet, you can get in shape with a new King OG classic road bike, or get away on a GTFO gravel bikepacking bike.

Speedvagen Ready Made GTFO gravel touring bike

Ok, so Speedvagen did say “Don’t call it a touring bike” but I couldn’t resist. In fact, the Get The Fuck Out is really more of an any-surface bikepacking bike. A gravel bike built for short S24Os (sub 24hr overnighters), weekend bikepacking trips, or those super long gravel adventure rides.

A light and simple overall setup, the Ready Made GTFO will start out of the workshop in a first run of 15 bikes, available in three stock frame sizes (S,M,L) with cut to order seatmasts.

To get one you can pre-order now with a $500 deposit towards the base Stock singlespeed price starting at $4250.

Or this Pro singlespeed version as shown, including the Zipp wheels, carbon Ritchey bull moose bars, King headset & stainless cog (plus additional upgrades for lighting & its bags) starts at $6450.

All of the Ready Made GTFOs get the Rodeo Labs carbon fork, XT levers pulling Ultegra flat mount brakes, Easton EC90SL cranks, a White Industries EBB, and Army Green paint in matte or gloss options. Upgrade for $500 more to get an XT geared setup, or even more for integrated lighting & dynamo, bikepacking bags, or a carbon seatmast head.

Even though theses are semi-stock frames as part of the Ready mAde program, there are still plenty more options. Have a look at the bike’s page for more. No word yet as to when delivery will actually be as Speedvagen seems to want to build the full run of 15 at once for efficiency.


Speedvagen Ready Made King OG classic steel road bike

Certainly more of a classic the King is Speedvagen’s Original Gangster. It’s actually the third run of this bike to come out of the Ready Made wing of Vanilla. They again worked closely with the fellow Portlanders at Chris King to pack colorful precision components into the heart of the new road bike.

The King OG is comes coated in glossy metallic Curtes Silver with a Shimano Ultegra R8000 build and the buyer’s pick of a colorful Chris King anodized package of matching headset, bottom bracket & R45 hubs.

 Speedvagen says they deliver that for the regular cost of just the headset & BB over the standard OG1.

This Ready Made bike is also built for durability, so the Stock components are a solid spec beyond the R8000 drivetrain. You get a Enve 2.0 carbon road fork, those R45 hubs laced to alloy HED Belgium Plus rims with Schwalbe Pro One tires, Pro bar, plus a painted-to-match Ritchey seatmast head & Pro PLT stem. Oh yeah, and there are also plenty of component upgrade options possible here too.

The Ready Made King OG sells for $5295 and is now available in six stock sizes (50-60cm) adding one larger this go around. Again you drop a $500 deposit to lock in your order, here before a Sept 20 deadline. The better news, this one only has about a 4 week turnaround from that deadline ’til you’ll actually be on the road with a new Speedvagen.



  1. With the Bullmoose bars and ISP, that GTFO is about as non-adjustable and impractical a bike as I can imagine. Arm candy for fund managers.

    • Good catch, Didn’t even realize it had an ISP until I looked at your comment and re-read the article. ISP’s make very limited sense in a small amount of applications. Gravel/Touring bikes where people might want to use dropper posts or adjust handlebar type/cockpit set up seems like the worst place for this unless I’m missing some issue with the 27.2 seatpost that gets beaten up on my hardtail.

  2. I understand that Sasha is a master at bike frame building but having to give a $500 non refundable deposit only to find out that the factory ready models don’t fit. Post the geometry of the bikes on your website, it’s not that difficult.

  3. A single speed off road bike, yeah I can see you going off road as long as the gradient doesn’t go beyond 3 degrees. And Zipps on a bike that gong to take a beating on rough tracks is just retarded. Who buys this stuff?

    • I’ve won hillclimb XC races (2) on a singlespeed mountain bike, and people compete in the Colorado Trail Race on fully loaded SS bike, too. It’s not quite as unrideable as you imagine.

      Agree on the Zipps tho

  4. the idea that people ride go on 300+ gravel adventures is just bull, most drive x amount of hours to ride an easy 15-20 to have a light picnic and the turn around and ride back to the car and go home (even more so if you buy a ss speedvagen on zipps)

  5. Oooh, pretty, but stupidly impractical. Give it a normal seatpost setup and sell it for about $1800 with some normal wheels and I might be interested.

  6. If I place a deposit on a GTFO today and I be assure to have my bottle bosses too close so my bottle just touch too? Who is watching the store there at Vanilla these days?

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