That’s right, the designers at Strider Bikes have finally done it… They’ve created a full carbon balance bike, the ST-R! There’s now an option for parents who want to pass down the same level of light-weight performance they have, to their kids.

Strider ST-R


Carbon Strider Bikes ST-R

photo & video c. Strider Bikes

From the ground up, the Strider ST-R is built with speed and ease-of-use in mind. It gets carbon fiber rims, seat post, fork & steerer tube, frame, and handlebar. But they didn’t put the lid on the sauce yet! They’ve included a smooth Cane Creek AER headset along with a set of 12×2.0″ Schwalb Big Apple tires. The complete build weighs in at 5.6lbs, or 2.55kg for those UCI racers, and comes with the additional 293mm seat post for growing riders.

Other specs include:

  • 22.2mm grips
  • Forged aluminum stem
  • Aluminum thru-axle
  • 10-spoke aluminum hubs

Strider knows the $900 price tag and outlandish specs make the ST-R a bit extravagant, but it’ll only be standing next to its steel and aluminum siblings for a limited time. And though it may not meet UCI weight requirements, riders can compete in the Strider Cup series including the Asia and World Championships.


  1. Crash Bandicoot on

    No power meter option? OK lame joke, this is obviously a stupid thing to buy but it has an even stupider paint job. If you are buying something like this you obviously want to show off its full carbon-ness. Why not a clearcoat finish? Also starving kids in Africa.

  2. FFM on

    A lot of people are overlooking that this solves some real problems for people… It’s a carbon bike that’s short enough to leave permanently attached to the roof rack without fear of hitting the garage.

  3. Greg on

    I see nothing wrong with this. I think it’s fun. No, I can’t afford it, and I don’t have kids either. I just don’t see the what the big deal is.

  4. Double ZZ on

    I’m in…if they could produce the data behind the bottom bracket deflection number. Don’t want that back wheel brushing the chainstays in a sprint.

  5. dockboy on

    I’m disappointed they installed a bespoke bar but a regular stem. If this is a halo product, where’s the one-piece cockpit?

    I like it, even though it’s stupid expensive. I have people judging me for having a $100 kids bike, my dad likes to remind me the last bike he bought cost less than the seatpost he bought me when I was ten. Things get expensive, deal with it. It just needs a brake, hey.

  6. David Bowden on

    painful to have a direct mount saddle/post combo – not having the right saddle angle can put kids off riding their runner bikes. Would rather a real seatpost than a carbon bar.

  7. pablo luzall on

    screw that – get the islabike strider – way better bike, barely heavier – comes with a great brake and cost 250 bucks….


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