Donnelly debuted their new carbon C//C cyclocross bikes back at the start of summer together with the G//C gravel ahead of the Dirty Kanza. Well racing has shifted to cross, so it’s time to roll out the new CX bike – the special edition Amy D Blue to be raced by their own pro team. With proceeds going to support the Amy D Foundation

Donnelly C//C carbon cyclocross bike, Amy D Blue edition

Donnelly C//C carbon cyclocross bike, Amy D Blue edition

Donnelly’s Pro Cyclocross team will toe the start line for the first time this weekend on Sept 8 in Rochester, NY aboard the new baby blue bike. Their small, but experienced team will race the full domestic pro circuit on the new carbon bikes, plus of course Donnelly’s tires.

Donnelly C//C carbon cyclocross bike, Amy D Blue edition

The team is set to race this year on special ‘Amy D Blue’ editions of the new C//C bike both to carry on the “strong, determined, funny and happy” legacy of the late Amy Dombroski, but also to help raise money for the Amy D Foundation. A portion of the sale of each Amy D Blue frameset or complete bike will go straight to the Foundation to further the encouragement & support of you women through cycling.

Donnelly C//C carbon cyclocross bike, Amy D Blue edition

The new Donnelly C//C carbon cyclocross bike sells for $2000 for the frameset, or in complete bike builds for $3000 or $4000 depending on their spec. The bikes are available  now though a select global bike shop network, or directly from Donnelly’s webshop.

Donnelly C//C carbon cyclocross bike, Amy D Blue edition

Earlier this week Donnelly announced that they will also be supporting the Amy D Foundation developmental cycling program, by providing Amy D Blue framesets and tires for the developing racers.

Donnelly C//C carbon cyclocross bike, Amy D Blue edition

Besides racing the just revealed C//C bikes, the Donnelly team also looks set to be some of the first to compete on the new sei-wireless FSA K-Force WE electronic groupset. It will be interesting how the new groupset proves itself as weather deteriorates throughout cyclocross season and the mud thickens. &


  1. Would have been a lot cooler if they would have done a photo shoot with some real Amy D riders and get them some face time rather than their own branding with people who won’t even race on the Amy D Team…

    • “Donnelly’s Pro Cyclocross team will toe the start line for the first time this weekend on Sept 8 in Rochester, NY…”

      “Earlier this week Donnelly announced that they will also be supporting the Amy D Foundation developmental cycling program..”

      They have a pro team and will support the Amy D team, which is a development team. Based on what the Amy D foundation website shows, there is not a CX team roster yet (though there is a inquiry post from a year ago on it..). Their Road program doesn’t seem to have a fixed roster, but instead assembles composite teams for target events to give talented riders opportunities.

      Maybe cut them some slack and try to appreciate that they want to make a meaningful contribution to CX and Women’s racing.

  2. Slack, for what? Using the AMY D name and brand to again, sigh, launch their baby blue bike and promote their brand? You see an article on a cool local squad of lady rippers only to tune in and find out it’s just another campaign about Donelly pushing their cookie cutter carbon frame. Funny you mention meaningful and put CX before women, pretty typical and expected. Couldn’t just be about women and launching a platform to support that in all aspects of cycling. Nah. Let’s just pump up our own brand and sell more of these stamped out bikes. If they were really trying to make a a meaningful contribution as you say, let me know when they start flossing the junior and womens ranks with free bikes, race support and putting up equal prize money or sponsoring a race for allies on the FREE. Dont get me wrong, it’s cool to see that the Amy D squad is growing and gaining more support and can benefit a bit financially from the sales but this article is nothing more than a sales ad from Donnelly. Amy D is an after thought throughout the ad, go back and read it with an unbiased mindset, blah blah blah pro team this pro team that. Blah blah blah set to be the first team on FSA wireless. Blah blah blah just would have been a whole lot cooler if we tuned in and saw some actual Amy D in this ad besides the bike they are selling. So who really got the exposure here…

    • It is not an article about “a cool local squad…”, it’s an article about Donnelly’s new bike, which they could’ve just as easily launched without painting it blue or contributing to the Amy D foundation which, again doesn’t have a roster yet this year. As far as I can tell, at the time of this article’s publication, this blue bike is the only physically tangible thing that exists pertaining to the Amy D team. Interestingly, this article is also the only mention of the Amy D foundation I’ve seen in mainstream cycling media this whole year.

      Understand something – Every single review posted about a product on this site is a marketing effort. I don’t know why you’d believe differently or be offended that companies who make stuff would want to reach their customers and sell their products.

      I consider making CX bikes at all a meaningful contribution. Investing any of the (tiny) profit they make by selling these products to support teams and racers is spectacular. The idea that a small bike company, building bikes in one of the smallest segments in the already small segment of competitive cycling could somehow afford to “floss” jr. and women’s teams with free bikes is very unrealistic. These guys are trying to make a living, after all.

  3. Yeah, that’s true. Was just expecting (hoping) for more Amy D coverage. They had some details released on Insta or maybe CX Magazine about the Elite Team and the Grassroots squad, I won’t slight them for having an outdated website.

    Oh, I fully understand the purpose of this site and the things that get posted, just sometimes it sure would be nice to see someone step out from the square they operate in and surprise us. But I get it, no money in promoting women’s cycling without an agenda like again pushing another ad for the bikes they already did an ad for and released here once.

    Yeah suppose so, we certainly need another carbon stamped option in CX. I do like that some sales do go back to the Amy D crew, nice to see them getting some dollars from the exposure, so yeah more bikes sales helps that from Donnelly. Should be a tax write off anywho for some provided bikes to the teams they sponsor. Plus it gets more people they say they are backing on more of their bikes and the local CO ladies are already sweeping out podiums so, get them on the powder blues already!

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