We talk a good amount about the somewhat ironic #vanlife on here from time to time. Ironic because in some ways it’s become so cliche, but real because it covers a lot of the way many of us like to travel and discover new trails. If you’re planning a life on the road, you don’t need an expensive build out of a cargo van. Sometimes, all it takes is a tinly little Scamp.

A glimpse into the live of sponsored Salsa Rider Eszter Horanyi and her partner Scott Morris, Scamp Life illustrates how they’ve tailored their life and careers around the idea of life on the open road. Chasing the best trails they can find out west. The first in a new series of short films from Salsa, you gotta love that voice over. We think you’ve found your calling, Mike!



    • BigCottonwoodKid on

      I feel ya Pad…
      I don’t know how much of it is pretending. It’s just different 35 years later. It’s a huge industry with lots of cash and marketing. Turnes out lots and lots of people love mountain biking and touring, and they don’t have to be poor to do it. A lot of of marketing has been aimed at recreating some of the nostalgia of pioneering a sport that was fringe, and leaving everything behind to do it. Collage, jobs, beds… For those of us that lived through those early days hand to mouth, stuff like this may feel a little phony, but I assure you for everyone now doing it it’s still fun as hell. Just with food and plumbing.

    • all biz on

      This couple is not pretending. They are legendary in the bikepacking and ultraendurance worlds and he, particularly, in the development of the Arizona Trail bike route. They now live on the road and earn the money to support it.

  1. Maus Haus on

    They look like real mtn bikers to me having fun camping. As for dirt bag, does not appear that’s what they were trying portraying in the marketing video.

  2. Tom J on

    Wait, what? Now you’re saying that we don’t need a 100k van to enjoy mtn biking and the outdoors?? I suppose next you will tell us that we can actually have fun outside without a Scamp. Crazy world…


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