The DMR VAULT MIDI pedal is a scaled down version of DMR’s award winning VAULT platform. Whether you have smaller feet or prefer a smaller platform, the DMR VAULT MIDI offers everything you would expect from a DMR pedal with the same pin pattern and profile of its larger brother but in a more compact package.


The DMR VAULT vs. the 10% smaller DMR VAULT MIDI

Less is more it would seem, especially when you’ve been endowed with smaller than average feet. We don’t have details on the shoe size DMR Vault pedals are optimized for but you can rest assured it probably wasn’t UK size 4 (US 6.5, Europe 37). With certain large platform flats there is always the danger that smaller feet will ‘sink’ into the central pedal concavity, thereby loosing grip on the peripheral pins and losing ride stability along with it. The MIDI rectifies this, bringing the front and rear KingPins 5 mm closer to the central spindle. We definitely welcome DMR’s efforts to cater to all.

dmt vault midi kingpins

12.5 mm KingPins stand proud of the biblical Scottish mud

Freeriders and dirt jumpers might still opt for the larger platform of the VAULT, while enduro riders might prefer the smaller MIDI option. The smaller platform coupled with the low profile will undoubtedly mean better ground clearance, reducing the chance of pedal strikes when things get fruity through those rock gardens.

dmr vault midi flat pedal mtb freeride pedal

104 mm by 95 mm: The MIDI is almost as wide as the standard VAULT but 10 mm shorter

The DMR VAULT MIDI has an extruded and CNC-machined 6061 aluminium body and a titanium axle, weighing in at 420g per pair, a good 40g heavier than similarly priced Ti-axle flats on the market. The high load DU bush and cartridge bearing mean this pedal is fully serviceable. The 95mm x 104mm platform area features at 17 mm concavity and 11 FlipPins for tuneable grip. Smaller pins (8.5 mm) are set into the center of the pedal, while longer ones (12.5 mm) sit at the edges.


FiveTen Freeriders on DMR KingPins is a winning combination

We swapped out the DMR FlipPins for the updated KingPins which are 1.5 mm longer. The resulting grip is phenomenal, and flawless when teamed with a pair of FiveTen Freeriders. Shin protection is highly recommended.

Unfortunately, the VAULT MIDI isn’t available in the same 7 colorways that the VAULT is. Currently available is the Pink Punch and Black, available for around $130.

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  1. Tucker on

    so DMR (who are known for their pedals) have had a model named the VAULT for years and years.

    and Race Face (who also make pedals), recently added a VAULT hubset to their range.

    Who is going to blink first?


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