Hollywood. One of the most recognizable names in L.A., is the home to a number of iconic landmarks. It’s also an interesting place to ride through if you get a chance. Hans Rey and a select crew did just that for day three of the TransAngeles adventure.

TransAngeles Urban MTB Adventure is a 5 Day ride across Los Angeles with Hans Rey, Missy Giove and Timmy C. This episode features Day 3 from Downtown L.A. via Hollywood to the Santa Monica Pier, exploring the famous landmarks, remote neighborhoods and finding some sweet trails on eBikes.


  1. walk99 on

    Why all the hate guys? As someone who doesn’t live in the US, and has never ridden in LA, I found these quite interesting vids. Def better than some stuff I’ve seen

  2. walk99 on

    Why all the hate guys? I don’t live in the US, and have never ridden in LA. I enjoyed these though – decent vids with some cool footage. What’s not to like?

  3. Chadd on

    As an LA resident watching the urban riding video makes me cringe. If I showed up in a mall or riding stairs doing wheelies downtown at the landmarks it would surely land me a ticket. All the places they ride in Pasadena are for camera shots not a nicely linked trail system. I like Hans Rey but stick to real trails and don’t try to sensationalize urban riding where it’s not legal. A road climbing/descending video of LA would be a better way to sensationalize the monuments.


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