It’s time for yet another new robot bike simulator – this time from Bkool. While their trainers have always had a a pleasing design element, the new Smart Air takes it to another level. Not only does the trainer give the illusion of a complete bike when mounted, but the design is purpose driven to offer a better ride and protect your bike.

Bkool Smart Air rocks up with a new take on direct drive smart trainers

Unlike most direct drive trainers that support the bike from the bottom and the sides, the Smart Air “suspends” the bike from the top. That allows for the frame to incorporate at 6° side-to-side rocking mechanism to simulate ride feel both in and out of the saddle. It supposedly also protects the frame from torsion from being held in a rigid trainer.

Bkool Smart Air rocks up with a new take on direct drive smart trainers

Inside the trainer is a power system capable of up to 3,000 watts with a motor system that will simulate grades of up to 25% and speeds of 70kph. Power measurement is provided through an infrared sensor and claims to have a less than 2% margin of error.

Bkool Smart Air rocks up with a new take on direct drive smart trainers

Weighing in at 24kg, trainer is ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatible and is said to be very quiet thanks to a new cooling system. The trainer is said to be compatible with 12mm thru axles, though which 12mm axle widths is not provided. It also mentions that the trainer is compatible with most cassettes from 7 to 11 speeds. For those riders on 12 speed, the SunRace 12 speed cassette will fit the same freehub, and should work with most drivetrains.

The price for the Smart Air is still TBA, though the trainers should start shipping in January.


  1. for thru-axles, simply use the same rear axle from the bike. The trainer doesn’t need to provide the axle, as the length of it depends on the thickness of the dropouts on the bike. For the trainer, the inner space is always 142mm (regardless of the bike using shimano e-thru, Syntace, Maxle, or other length axles)

    • I would guess they meant does it fit 142,, x 12, 135mm x 12mm, or 148mm x 12mm, or 142+ (specialized), or 130mm x 12mm (someone did that, cant remember who), or offset frames (which would not matter normally but would in this case as the 6deg swing would be off centre so you’d lean to one side the whole time)

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