Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Two Harbors, Minnesota

bikerumor pic of the day gravel bike in the north shore of minnesota.

Photo submitted by Nick Noethe, “I took this photo in the middle of a 100 mile gravel race up on the cold north shore of Minnesota. Even though it looks nice and sunny it was bitterly cold out there. At this point in the race I had already been pushing it pretty hard and felt like it was time to get off the bike, have a banana and take in the colors regardless how much cold, caked mud I had on my legs. I was riding a 2018 Specialized Seqouia Elite, pretty much stock with 700X42 Terravail Cannonballs tubeless for the first time and they worked like a dream, like riding on butter, but with traction. More information about the race, it was called Heck of The North, put on by Jeremy Kershaw every year since 2009. He has multiple races throughout the year each of which is in northern Minnesota up on the North Shore. His goal for these races aren’t just to get off the pavement and ride a different kind of trail, it’s about ‘…having every rider leave for home feeling a sense of accomplishment, wonder, and sense of community with other riders and this beautiful part of the world.'”

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