Whatever your off road purpose, the Specialized Recon has been a worthy option. Previously, the lace up shoes were sort of aimed at the gravel/dirt road crowd, though they certainly could also be used for XC or even CX riding. Now, the shoes have gotten even more performance oriented with a new S-Works version, though they’re still as versatile as ever.

Specialized Recon sees S-Works Boa upgrade for all-terrain performance

Starting with the obvious, the new Recon S-Works ditches the laces in favor of two Boa S3 snap dials for quick and easy adjustment. Boa is still among the best in terms of quickly getting your shoes on or off, and as always, the dials are backed up by the Boa lifetime guarantee.

Specialized Recon sees S-Works Boa upgrade for all-terrain performance

While the shoes have an aggressive SlipNot rubber tread pattern with removable toe studs, the Recons gain road-bike like efficiency thanks to the stiffest FACT mixed-terrain carbon plate with a stiffness index of 13.

Specialized Recon sees S-Works Boa upgrade for all-terrain performance Specialized Recon sees S-Works Boa upgrade for all-terrain performance

The upper combines Dyneema mesh, four way stretch mesh, and TPU to create a shoe that conforms to the foot without stretching in key areas. Built on their Form Fit last, the shoe should have a decent amount of room in the toe box and the PadLock heel construction should keep your ankle from moving. Weighing in at 301g per shoe, the shoes are available in 36-49 with half sizes in all but the most extreme sizes, and in regular or wide widths.. Price is set at $425 in black only.



    • No, despite the fact that these offer all the features of the S Works 7 road shoe these are the S Works Recon mtb shoes. The S Works 7 XC shoes will be forthcoming featuring a name change only. The Specialized sheep won’t know the difference.

  1. Tell me when I can try on a range of shoes, ie: three models in 46,46.5, and 47. I’d like to find some well fitting shoes. Do I have to use mail order to try stuff on. Come on manufacturers, make it easy for a shop to stock a full range.

  2. Maybe for mountain biking / trail riding, I could do a boa (Have them on road shoes and love them) but for cyclocross, it’s a non-starter. I have seen too many racers with muddy boas that won’t close or their shoes stuck in the mud when they didn’t know the boa popped open. At S-works prices, I need to be able to use it for more than fun trail stuff and an occasional MTB race. Not for me, but probably great for lots of people.

    • I would imagine each of the situations you describe are solely the result of user error. Not a fault of the Boa itself.
      You do realize that Mtn and Gravel races regularily have far worse muddy conditions than Cross. These races are both longer duration and longer mileage than a measly 45 minute cross race. Cross is nowhere near the epicenter of testing equipment in harsh conditions.

      I would buy these shoes to use in any and every condition without hesitation.

    • Boas are used in a broad range of applications in many different industries with great success. The reason for that is they are realatively fool proof. Unfortunately, they are not idiot proof. Most people in the cycling industry who have issues with Boa are generally a direct result of user error.

      To say these shoes are a non-starter because of cyclo cross is pretty short sighted. Mtn bike races often have conditions far worse than any cross race. Mtn races are also generally 2-4 times longer than any cross race. Which means significantly more time spent in these difficult conditions.

      Seems that if Boas can function well during a muddy, sloppy 100 mile Mtn race filled with plenty of hike a bike then they should have no problem with a sub-hour cross race.

  3. I own these shoes and have owned all previous versions. I think the Boa system is terrible. Have issues with them frequently and I use them properly. There is a reason why Boa sends out replacements for free and no questions asked!

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