Put this StepTwin bike under the category of wacky bicycle inventions that are oddly entertaining to watch, maybe even something you’d actually want to try – if only to see what it feels like to ride. But what you end up with is a small wheel folding bike with a unique method of propulsion that you stomp down on like a StairMaster!

StepTwin folding bike with alternative pedaling motion

The developers of the StepTwin call it the first ‘bionic’ folding bike. I’m not sure really how it augments or enhances the body of the rider and more than a regular bike would to get the bionic label, but it certainly is different from most bikes we come across in our daily life. Much different from other folders with its independently two-sided drivetrain, and much more compact than other stepper bikes we’ve seen (and jeered at.)

StepTwin bionic folding bike, in the details – How does it work?

StepTwin folding bike with alternative pedaling motion

Basically the idea is to stomp down with either foot, and a lever attached independently to each crank arm transfers power to a chain that drives the rear wheel and then automatically comes back up when you unweight the pedal.

StepTwin folding bike with alternative pedaling motion

Drivetrains exist on both sides, and you can pedal/stomp with any combination or right and/or left foot inputs, even at different cadences. All that works thanks to a special rear hub with independent freewheels & a replaceable track cog on each, and the unique multi-arm cranks.

In fact, there are actually five speeds available through a shifter that alters the leverage ratio of the crank lever, and you can adjust the two sides separately – ie. you can pedal in an easier gear with one leg & harder gear for the other. The rationale is that this contraption can be useful for people recovering from injury, or even for more specialized training.

StepTwin folding bike with alternative pedaling motion

The Step Twin bike can be ridden with or without a seatpost – they say “you sit, you walk, you ride.” And of course it is a folding bike, so things like the seatpost & handle bar are easily adjustable, and it collapses down tool-free in less than half a minute for transit. The bikes come in one size only, but the telescoping design is said to fit a huge rider size range – for people from 130-210cm tall (4’3″ – 6’10”).

StepTwin folding bike with alternative pedaling motion

There’s no denying that this thing is wild-looking. And the Dutch developer can be a bit hyperbolic talking about the StepTwin: “The ultimate bike for ALL your needs!”  But is certainly is interesting.

StepTwin bionic folding bike – Pricing & crowdfunded Availability

StepTwin folding bike with alternative pedaling motion

The StepTwin is currently being offered as a pre-order through a flexible goal crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo (remember, that means they get your money and promise to deliver whether or not they meet their funding target.)

StepTwin folding bike with alternative pedaling motion

The one-speed StepTwin Sport with a hi-ten steel frame (still dual-sided drivetrain but without the adjustable gearing) has an early backer’s price of just $150 and a 10.6kg (23.3lb) claimed weight.

The $190 StepTwin Street sticks with a hi-ten frameset, but upgrades to the independent 5-speed drivetrain for $190 and a claimed 9.2kg (20.2lb) weight. Opt for the StepTwin City with aluminum frame & 5-speed for $250 7.8kg (17.2lb).

StepTwin folding bike with alternative pedaling motion

And yes, there is also a StepTwin Country that actually gets a titanium frameset & the 5-speed setup for $380 and a claimed weight of 7kg (15.4lb). StepTwin has already finalized the drivetrain setup & manufacture, and is moving into finalized production over the winter. They expect delivery of complete bikes to IndieGoGo backers to ship out in March & April of 2019, with an online progress tracker available to backers to see live updates of their bike’s progress.



  1. Stuff like this exists purely so my non cyclist brother in law and my mother can send me links to it showing “new innovative bicycle design”

  2. @ 1:21, I thought they were going to launch off a lip!

    I actually kinda like it. No different than pedaling really, so not really unnatural. Just allows a disconnect between each leg. The “power stroke” arc is exactly the same as on a normal bike. You’re not required to kick like a roo.

  3. Dear lord the service interval on these must be nightmarish. It seems way under-built to withstand a full bodyweight dead stop at the bottom of each stroke. Look how much play is in the arms just barely touching it with fingertips at 1:49. Yikes!

  4. Service interval as for a regular bike. All rotating mechanisms have bearings.
    The bike has no dead spots! The pedal can freely move far back. We showed by hand that there is no need to apply force when pressing the pedal and there is no need to lift the pedal up, there is a return mechanism.

  5. Intriguing and I want one 🙂 Surprised at how cheap they are too. Looking at the indiegogo site I do think it’s a bit remiss not to include reflectors (and a bell) as standard. I’d get the ‘Country’ model with added hydraulic brake(s) and suspension (though StepTwin have not clarified what sort of brakes and suspension will be used)…

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