When it comes to life on the road, as cyclists we have two major requirements – shelter, and the ability to carry our gear including bikes. There are a lot of options that check those boxes, but if you want something that is easily towable, lightweight, and extremely versatile, the Sylvansport Go might be the perfect option.

#vanlife: Sylvansport Anniversary Limited Edition Platinum GO adventure trailer

Part trailer, part camper, and part toy hauler, the Sylvansport Go has a few different modes. The trailers start with a light weight powder coated aluminum frame that is made in Brevard, NC. That aluminum frame and aluminum components makes for a very light trailer – just 840 lbs unloaded.

From there, you have a number of options for towing your gear. You could leave it in the collapsed mode with roof top bike racks on top and room for additional gear underneath the tent. Or you could use it in the upright toy hauling mode which would allow you to stack bikes underneath the tent, with the wheels still on. Also, when you’re at home, you can take the tent portion completely off and use it as a utility trailer.

#vanlife: Sylvansport Anniversary Limited Edition Platinum GO adventure trailer #vanlife: Sylvansport Anniversary Limited Edition Platinum GO adventure trailer

The tent itself is a heavy 220 denier ripstop nylon that is completely seam sealed and waterproof which makes a rainfly unnecessary. Unlike roof top tents, the GO offers both dining and sleeping options with a dropped floor and raised bed. It also is a trailer which means you can park it at your campsite and still drive your car away if needed – plus there’s no ladder to worry about to get in and out.

#vanlife: Sylvansport Anniversary Limited Edition Platinum GO adventure trailer #vanlife: Sylvansport Anniversary Limited Edition Platinum GO adventure trailer

While the GO has been around for awhile, Sylvansport is offering a special edition version to honor their 15th anniversary. Just 15 Platinum Go editions will be sold which feature specially themed colors and parts.

Instead of the original silver and green, the LE GO will be two-tone silver and grey with grey self inflating mattresses, a charcoal black tent top, and custom silber and black aluminum wheels.

The 15th Anniversary LE GO trailer will be sold for the same price as the original – $9,995, and as mentioned will be limited to just 15 units. If you’re interested, head to the Sylvansport website to reserve your GO before they’re all gone!


  1. What’s with the header image? Are they going for the “drive with your tent trailer open through a wildfire” effect? Does the tent withstand immense heat? Is the Subaru on fire? What’s going on there?

  2. Just a suggestion, I’d probably name it the “GO LE” rather than “LE GO”, I’m sure I’m not the only one who played with building blocks growing up.

    • Absolutely no reason… other than it also needs to be able to carry all your gear, and two motorcycles. I’ve seen every inch of the construction of these trailers. There’s very little fat that could be trimmed.

  3. My neighbor has one – pretty slick. He uses it for cargo all the time, and occasionally I see it with bikes or a kayak on top of the collapsed tent. They seem to be mounted to Yakima crossbars. Pretty versatile. I’d totally buy one… if it was 4k, not 10k.

  4. another option is to buy the Go Easy Essential bike trailer for $1995 and then get another roof top tent like iKamper or Yakima or Tepui. Can easily get cost below $4-5 if went frugal or $7 for deluxe

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