Ready to explore the world by bike? Wish there was a way you could travel through some of the most iconic regions without worrying about the logistical details? Want to ride on gravel instead of roads? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then the newly announced 3Travel program might be worth a look.

Launched by 3T, the 3Travel program picks up where their XPDTN3 club left off. Only this time, instead of just 3T ambassadors and Willy Mulonia of PA Cyclism, you too can join in on the action.

Exploro the world by bike with new 3Travel guided gravel program

Designed as an all inclusive travel experience, each trip is limited to just 10 riders along with the three professional tour guides. That includes your hotel, food, routes, mechanical support, and luggage transportation from hotel to hotel. That means this isn’t really a bikepacking trip, but a supported slackpacking trip.

While you’ll have the choice of bringing your own bike along for the ride, you can also opt for an Exploro bike rental. The details aren’t clear, but that may include the option to buy the special 3T Travel Edition Exploro shown above. 3T states that it will only be available to riders who book a trip through 3Travel, though pricing and availability is not provided.


Exploro the world by bike with new 3Travel guided gravel program

The first three trips are up on the 3Travel website, and they’re first come, first serve. Pricing starts at €1,180 per person depending on the trip, and that doesn’t seem to include airfare or airport transfers. Check out the trip descriptions from 3T below.


Strade Bianche, vineyards and villages

200 km, 3850 m ascent

Sometimes considered “a nation within a nation” because of its strong linguistic and cultural identity, Tuscany is a perfect place to be explored by bicycle.

Exploro the world by bike with new 3Travel guided gravel program


Gravel & Grapes in La Rijoa

243 km, 3804 m ascent

“Red, rosé or white?” This trip around La Rioja combines the best the region has to offer: perfect gravel trails, tapas, famous gastronomy, high mountains…and the world’s best wine.

Exploro the world by bike with new 3Travel guided gravel program


Sand dunes and art in the desert

273 km, 710 m ascent

Exotic and near at the same time. Normally, if you want to embark in an exotic trip with a different culture, 10 hour planes are usually involved. Not in Morocco. Take a plane anywhere in Europe, and in 2 or 3 hours you will be in Marrakech, ready to head down to the desert where a completely 19th century lifestyle still exists.


  1. KF on

    Great, another everything catered, everything taken care of bougie hand holding trip. C’mon and jump aboard the gravel band wagon and learn nothing about how to make your own way or take care of yourself.

    • Mitch on

      These types of cycling adventures offer places and people that would otherwise be hard to find and connect with.

      I host events like this, albeit on a much smaller scale, and the concept is to take people to places they would never find on their own unless they lived there. This is the whole idea. Even I want to ride Italy and Spain, and would have a hard time getting it together. This would probably suck the fun out of it. I would rather sit back and take it in rather than manage a rental car, hotels, etc. But that’s just me.

      Also, it costs money. It’s a service we offer and an amazing adventure for lots of folks! Definitely not for everyone, but a great service nonetheless.


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