It looks like there’s a new option on the horizon for riders with a creaky fork. Well, as long as your creaks are coming from the junction of the steerer tube and fork crown. Introduced as a joint effort between Intend Suspension and Lemon Shox, the Stiffler steerer tube replacement is meant as a stiffer replacement that may just take care of your issues.

Intend by Lemon Shox Stiffler steerer tube replacement is designed to quiet creaking

Compared to the standard steerer (above), Intend states that this is the same steerer that comes stock on their own suspension forks. The steerer is made in Austria and along with having an increased wall thickness, it’s also shotpeened for a better connection at the crown. The result is a steerer that they claim is about 7% stiffer, and when combined with a special Loc-Tite for press fit applications, they guarantee it to be free from creaking for half a year. Intend answers to why it’s just half a year on their site.

Intend by Lemon Shox Stiffler steerer tube replacement is designed to quiet creaking

The steerer tube also includes what they call a Stiffcap which claims to eliminate further flexing of the steerer under heavy inputs, but also prevents dirt from entering the steerer.

Maybe just as useful as eliminating creaks, the Stiffler could be added if you happen to cut your steerer a bit short. The Stiffler is 240mm long, but you have to subtract the height of your crown (20-25mm) to get the effective steerer tube length. Due to the increased thickness, the steerer tube is also a bit heavier than stock, around 210g instead of ~160g. However, Intend points out that standard starnuts will still fit, as does the OneUp multi tool.

The Stiffler is only available in tapered 1.5 – 1.125″ steerers, and should fit Rock Shox, Fox, Öhlins, X-Fusion, DVO, Marzocchi, and more. To get the Stiffler installed on your fork you can send in either the crown/steerer/stanchion unit to Lemon Shox in Germany and they’ll install it for €159. Or, you can send in the entire fork and they’ll charge you €159 plus the normal service prices to tear apart the fork and give it a fresh rebuild. The Stiffler is not available as an individual service item.



  1. How is it that we’re almost in 2019 and press fit steerer tubes – used for across three decades now – are still a reliability issue? Does Asia not know how to add some Loctite 680 to the forks they make?

    • Sample size of 1. Not really a significant enough sample size to draw any conclusions from? 🙂
      But yeah, it is not that big of an issue with the forks I get through my workshop. But I don’t fix any Rockshox or Fox, so can’t really comment on that. But with Formula, MRP and DT Swiss we have no issues with creaking crowns the last 2 seasons. Before that, maybe 1 or 2 a year. Also, not sure how safe it is to remove your steerer and get a new one pressed in?

    • Old 2012 Reba RL with straight steerer and not a single peep from it ’till now.

      And since it’s dual-air, I can make is super plush at the beggining of compression.

    • My sample size of 1 for Fox was the exact opposite. No matter what I did, the thing creaked.

      Oh and “BYE” is a salutation when leaving, while “BUY” means to purchase.

      • Same here. Fox Forks are the worst on the market for creaking noises. Had this year around 20 Forks with a creaking CSU. Some customers getting that noise after 2 rides – replaced under warranty a couple month later same noise again. Fox works awesome and with the purchase of around 1800-2200$ you buying that Noise with it

  2. While I appreciate the effort spent to offer this solution, almost all of the creaks I’ve dealt with in the shop are stanchion related. Sometimes it IS a safety issue, since the legs have crept slightly out of the crown.

    If you have a current valid warranty have a shop check under your top caps. If there’s a gap, they may replace it under warranty.

    I’m curious to see what solution, if any, RS and Fox will create. They’ve so far said to me, as a dealer, that unless the legs have moved, it’s not a safety issue, so the customer can replace the CSU at retail.

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