While Fatback Bikes is known primarily for their complete bikes, the company also obsesses over their components. Fatback sources their build kits based on their personal experiences to make sure their bikes are comfortable and perform no matter what the conditions. Like many of the best companies, when they can’t find the right part, they set out to create their own.

Handlebar sweep is one of those things that often goes overlooked when it comes to rider comfort. But as Fatback points out, bars with lower sweep numbers can result in tingly or numb fingers thanks to increased pressure on the Ulnar nerve. Fatback seems to have settled on 16° being the sweet spot for bar sweep or backsweep, hence the name Sweet 16°. The bars also have an upsweep of 4° and a 30mm rise.

Offered in 780mm widths with 31.8mm clamp diameter, the carbon bars are available with black or red graphics.

Each end includes graduated cut lines with a little instruction from Fatback if you’re unsure of how narrow you want to go.

There are a few other bars out there with the same 16° sweep, though the Fatback Sweet 16 has an attractive price at $160 considering the 225g weight.




  1. I have one from Schmolke on my XC bike combined with a longer stem to keep the riding position. If not it shortens the distance for about 2-3 centimeters. Works for me: less fatigue, no numbness in the hands. Steering feels a bit weird at the beginning. Not for everybody – try before you buy.

  2. One quick rule of thumb is that if you ride elbows-high, you probably want less sweep. If you drop your elbows, more sweep can make a lot of sense.

  3. For those of us who have been waiting over 10 years for salsa to bring back the ProMoto carbon bar with the 17 degree sweep, this looks fantastic. I’ve already ordered two

  4. SQLab already has a 16 Degree out and also a 12 Degree for the elbow up folks. I have the SQLab 16 on my cross country and love it with my Ergon GP3 corks.

  5. Can someone explain the upsweep? I’ve always thought my hands would conform most naturally to a back and down swept bar. Perhaps when leaning, its too much? I set up my jones h-bars to be slight dropping and like it (although I don’t actually like the jones bar)

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