The term ‘all mountain’ gets tossed around quite a bit, but Kilian Bron’s latest video certainly qualifies. For part four of his 2018 MTB Mission series, Kilian heads to the Dolomites to ride a Via Ferrata. These are routes through the mountains that originally date back to the movement of troops in WWI. Now they’ve become their own type of sport climbing or mountaineering, often with a steel cable lining the route for you to clip into or hold onto. However, they’re usually attempted on foot, rather than by bike…

If you haven’t been following Kilian’s Missions this year, take the time to watch 1-3 below. Between the riding and the cinematography, they’re well worth your time.



  1. Omg, so many Wilderness Area violations going on here…yet, those mountains have been there long before they were trampled on by a mountain bike and will be just fine for millions of years afterwards, contrary to Sierra Club enviro-czars.

    Oh wait, this is not the USA, where fracking on public lands is okay but god forbid vulcanized tires made from fracking byproducts roll on said same lands.

  2. vie ferrate are exposed trails fitted with metal ropes and ladders to help and secure trekkers and mountaineers. most of them were built during 1st world war and are part of open-air museum. the maintenance of these paths is expensive as it involves a huge amount of materials, man-work and often, elicopters.
    these workers put on risk their lives and most of the times they do it for free.
    I’m a fan of Mountain biking, but these things should be forbidded and not advertised. are dangerous for trekkers, destructive for trails and environment and disrespectful for who spends his life mainteining these paths.

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