As cars get smarter, our hope as cyclists is that they get safer too – and not just for their occupants. While Volvo led the way back in 2013 with the first Cyclist Detection Braking System, other vehicle manufactures are following suit. The latest to (automatically) brake for cyclists, is Spanish automaker, SEAT.

Citing the fact that in Europe, Cyclists are involved in 8% of all road collisions, SEAT’s new Front Assist feature is designed to detect other vehicles, as well as cyclists. If the front mounted radar system detects a cyclist in the road way ahead, it will start with an audible and visual warning. If that doesn’t get the driver’s attention in time, the car will deploy the brakes automatically between 0.8 and 1 second before a possible collision.

Obviously, the driver should be in control and aware of the cyclists long before the system kicks in. But given the level of distracted driving out there, any help from the car itself seems welcomed. The Front Assist feature is offered on the new SEAT Tarraco SUV. For more on cyclist detection systems and the SEAT Front Assist, check out Carlton Reid’s piece for Forbes, here.


  1. THANK YOU!!!!
    Can’t believe how dumbfounded I’ve been that it’s taken so long for cyclist to hit the radar of driver assist and self driving technologies (pun intended).

    I’d like to add the need for a 3 foot buffer when passing and warning that one is encroaching into that.

    VW…I’d expect this to rolled into your entire porfolio. VW, Audi, Porsche, Lambo, Bentley, and Bugatti yes?

  2. If is like the other “Driver Assist” features in my MB or Porsche, I would have it disabled. Same as the stupid lights in the side view mirrors, the TPS, speed sensitive cruise control and lane assist…all people need to do is put down their phone. I know for a fact that I am not alone as the Dealerships are more than aware of how to disable these “safety” features.

    As for VW group (all of the cars listed in JBikes comment for the most part)…folks in an R8, any Lambo, GTI and on and on and on are buying cars with LESS driver assist for the most part (but for launch control). The feature would be well served in a retirement community far more than auto enthusiasts.

    • As an auto-enthusiast, I’ll plainly state that the VAST majority of drivers do not fall into that group. Yes, people need to put down their phone, but unless you can somehow work miracles, that won’t happen. And even the ones that are self proclaimed “car enthusiasts” tend to be more about bragging rights that driving capability.

      Very few people are buying R8’s and Lambos…Their desires are statistically irrelevant and I’m unlikely to get hit by one for the sheer sake my riding backyard isn’t Malibu.

      • JBikes – exactly my point. Those of us who are “drivers” (as in the R8 and Lambo as mentioned) are by FAR the minority. As for people like Paris Hilton in what ever Spyker or what not….yeah, with or with out a cell phone that is a tragedy in the making.

        I worry far more about a soccer mom yelling at the team on their way to soccer practice than I do a Lamborghini Murciélago out of control.

        • The majority of people in nice cars do not have the skills to drive that car anywhere near its limit, not to mention we are talking abut driving on a public road. Really no reason at all to turn off any safety function.

    • Golly, thanks for letting us know that you don’t think we need to worry about “auto enthusiasts” driving the cars you’re bragging about owning. You’ll excuse me if your claims aren’t the same as evidence. I’ll bet that there are plenty of bad drivers behind the wheels of expensive cars. More importantly, it’s a bit worry that such “auto enthusiasts” turn off such safety features, in the process demonstrating that they are ignorant of the possibility of them being distracted, not sufficiently skilled, having slower reaction times that they have in their falsities, or otherwise having any other human weaknesses.

      Hubris and unfounded self-confidence are very likely evident in the community you brag about.

      These safety devices benefit everyone, even the braggart in his expensive car.

      • These “safety” devices prove no benefit in most circumstances (other than creating even more dependent unskilled drivers). A great “REAL” number is that parking assist (radar in bumpers) have caused the cost of a minor bump to go from no cost or low cost to be well into $5,000 once the sensors and paint are repaired (so much for the 5mph bumper eh?). That in turn raises insurance rates..and the cost of the car. TPMS is nothing more than an aggravation for those too ignorant to pay attention to their tire pressure with out a “Dummy Light”.

        As cyclists we should FEAR these autonomous cars. Maybe not so much because we are outside of the spectrum of what they do day to day as robots (yes, they are robots like R2D2). But more because as they are more common, and we are more the pariah on the roads – it is us on bikes that will be legislated out of the road, not the cars. And trust me, the car companies have far more money to force legislation than any bike MFG has.

        Maybe your cause should be to ban any car produced before 2010? I mean, with out side airbags humanity would end…I do however fear moms in a Honda Odyssey FAR more than I do a dude in his Ferrari….but, that is what three decades of riding road has taught me.

        • Sorry. Your claims aren’t evidence.

          The fact is that while totally autonomous vehicles are going to be a ways off in the future, cars now and in the immediate future could benefit from safety features being developed in autonomous cars.

          You assume far too much in what you read and about technology. That is much is apparent in your statements.

          • I am like my grandfather then…I WONT drive one (and think idiots in electro cars are fools). The day they are ALL autonomous is certainly not in my lifetime. Not our kids either…thank god.

            I do have AWD in all of my cars…easier to ‘launch’ and maintain control in high speed corners (and snow). The stupid side indicator in the MB was annoying as all get out (and disabled). As was TPMS and the adaptive cruise control….also, annoying.

            I guess at what ever point this garbage is mandated…but, as is proven all over the world – no government or board can regulate behavior, or safety. Oh, wait – Chicago banned guns and drunk driving is illegal……….hmmmmmmm

            • So many statements, so many unrelated statements. It’s important to not confuse your opinions with facts. What you consider “garbage” is not necessarily garbage, especially when you don’t have any facts to present.

              Your politics and straw man arguments don’t make your arguments any more valid. They just make your claims less credible.

      • Robin +1.
        If I want to turn off the nannies on my car, I take it to a track.
        $$$ to buy a nice car does not equal skills to drive it on a public road with unforeseen hazards.

  3. now all we need is a system to stop cyclists from riding in the same manner, just remember there are as many crap cyclist as there are drivers

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