Don’t Text and Drive Day: December 22 – Garneau launched a new initiative this week, not specific to cyclists, but having to do with everyone’s lives. Stop texting while driving! Please. Distracted driving accounts for approximately 25% of all motor vehicle crash fatalities, and 80% off all car crashes. And unsurprisingly, cell phone use is the second largest cause of distracted driving. 14% of distracted driving related deaths are a result of cell phone use. Texting while driving is even said to be 6x more likely to cause an accident than driving under the influence of alcohol.

“Christmas will be upon us in a few days, and lives have been taken, families destroyed, and drivers saw their lives ruined. The cell phone is an extraordinary communication tool but, if used while driving a vehicle it can become a lethal weapon.” – Louis Garneau

Last year on December 22, Garneau friend & fellow cyclist Jason Lowndes was killed by a car while training close to his home in Australia. He was 23 years old & killed by a distracted driver who had been texting for 15 minutes before the impact took his life. So a group of cyclists spearheaded by Garneau’s support decided to declare Dec 22  International “Don’t Text and Drive” Day to remind everyone to not put others at risk. More information on the campaign, and a pledge to join in at:

Where to Ride

  •  Where will you ride in 2019? Maybe a Sacred Rides MTB adventure – Sacred Rides recapped 2018 with this highlights reel. This year, they fell in love with the land of fire & ice (and ran two sold-out departures in Iceland), scouted a brand-spanking new trip in Norway (with its first departure set for August 2019), launched their first ever women’s-only ride in Peru. Plus, they’ve worked on a few new itineraries that will debut at the start or 2019. Look ’em up if you’re looking for adventure.

Industry News

  • Chain Reaction to stop selling Shimano in US & Canada (sale on now!) – To the sound of rejoicing from bike shops in North America, UK online retail giant Chain Reaction Cycles has announced that they will no longer sell Shimano products into the US & Canada markets starting Jan 1, 2019. Long a thorn in the side of independent shops, CRC often would often sell to consumers below the wholesale price available to independent bicycle dealers in the US, making it impossible for them to compete and often meaning it wasn’t worthwhile for shops to even stock many Shimano parts. Presumably this is Shimano stepping up to enforce some minimal price controls. Who knows if other e-tailer giants like Wiggle & Bike24 will have to follow suit? In the amusing meantime, CRC is offering an extra 5% off all Shimano kit with coupon code: SHIMANO at checkout.


  • Become a Vittoria tire tester & ambassador – Italian tire maker Vittoria has opened up applications for their amateur R&D tester program. Apply now through Jan 16 for a shot to be among the few riders that will get the first shot at their next prototype tires, using Vittoria’s next generation of innovative compounds & designs. Maybe you are a social media influencer, or maybe you just are passionate and ride a ton. Get the details at:

  • Or how about becoming a Kinetic training ambassador – Kinetic is searching for Brand Ambassadors with knowledge & passion about indoor cycling. Not necessarily the fittest or strongest cyclists, but riders who have a keen sense of how indoor cycling enables year-round fitness goals for everyone from elite athletes to regular folks with tight schedules. If that sounds interesting apply now through Dec 3, at:

Gear & Deals

  • Mercury Winter Cleaning, aka deals on wheels – As a part of their year-end clearance and winter cleaning, Mercury Wheels are blowing out their stock of demos, overstocks, discontinued lines & scratch+dent wheels. Quantities are limited and it’s all first come, first serve.

  • Velocomp AeroPod & PowerPod Holiday Sale – From now until Dec 31, save $100 on the AeroPod, which Velocomp says is the most advanced power meter on the market. It is also the only power meter that can measure your aerodynamics thanks to its pilot tube design.




  1. Bob on

    bummer about the shimano news. I hope Jensens does not raise their prices now that they don’t have to compete with CRC. They always were right there price wise with them.

  2. Pete on

    Why do supposedly civilized societies put up with the killing of their own in such manner?

    “Don’t drive txted” should be the message every single day, plus tougher penalties.
    It won’t stop the horrer, but it would help.

    Your own family might be the next victim. Be careful out there!

    • G-man on

      @Pete – Excellent point! It is completely terrifying how many drivers are using their phone while behind the wheel. It appears the answer to your question is in the comments directly above. People care more about trivial issues such as saving a few bucks on Shimano parts instead of caring about real problems. Sad


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