Are you looking for a smart tail light to keep you safe on the roads this winter? This smart tail light by Rayo may be worth a look. Although it definitely isn’t the first “smart” light designed for cyclists, it houses some interesting innovations and technology.

The Smart Bicycle Tail Light by Rayo, now available at ZEITBIKE

The Rayo Smart Bicycle Tail Light was born through a tech startup from South Korea, and claims to improve cyclists’ safety using its integrated sensors and communication technologies. This light features a speed sensor which tracks your movements and activates a brake light as you decelerate, warning any cars or cyclists behind you that you are slowing down.

The Smart Bicycle Tail Light by Rayo, now available at ZEITBIKE

The light uses Rayo’s own lens system, which they have named the “Total Internal Reflection (TIR) System” to direct and focus light emitted by its three LEDs. Rayo claims that their TIR System enhances visibility from the sides of the light, as well as from behind.

The light can be customized with user configurable blinking modes, and also features a theft alert, which will send a notification to your phone if any unfamiliar movement is detected. This feature works via your phone’s Bluetooth and the Rayo app, however it is only functional over short distances.

The flashing patterns of the Rayo Smart Bicycle Tail Light can also be synchronized with nearby Rayo lights, making your riding buddies stand out as a group.

The Smart Bicycle Tail Light by Rayo, now available at ZEITBIKE

This smart light by Rayo is also water resistant, and rechargeable via USB. It retails for $69.99. More information can be found below.


  1. Lumens? I’d really dig a smart light that was insanely bright (say 750 lumens) but then had a sensor to knock down brightness as a car approached or a cyclist was on your tail with a headlight. I ride on some quiet country roads and would feel alot safer with more than 180 lumens behind me.

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