Perhaps you remember the Baramind BAM bars. These improbable sounding handlebars flex downwards on impact but remain rigid when pulling up, the idea to provide comfort when you need it and control when you don’t. After spotting the initial concept as an MTB prototype, Baramind first brought it to market in the form of their BAM City bar. Now Baramind is continuing their flexible roll out with a new BAM Trek bar in addition to their MTB bar launched in 2016.

Baramind continues their flexible ways with BAM Trek 12° bar Baramind continues their flexible ways with BAM Trek 12° bar

Like the BAM City, the BAM Trek uses specially engineered flex zones to allow for downward flex and upward stiffness. This is accomplished in this bar with a hybrid composite construction that is injection molded. While the bar uses the same technologies as the original bar, Baramind states that they have used the past five years’ experience in making flexible yet stiff bars to improve nearly everything about the design.

As a result, the BAM City is marketed to e-bikes as well as trekking/touring bikes. Measuring 660mm wide, the bar has a 12° backsweep and 5° upsweep. Weighing in at 350g, the BAM Trek is offered in a 31.8mm clamp and only in black. Made in France, the BAM Trek sells for €82.50.


  1. Dinger on

    Sounds like a very nice handlebar except for two problems. 1. City bike riders don’t buy $100 handlebars. 2. There’s some guys in Wisconsin who are going to have a problem with that name…

  2. mark on

    How much flex is there? It seems that if you are trying to put power to the pedals, standing and torquing the bar side to side, at some point you’re pushing down on one side. That might feel a bit weird and may also cause a bit of power loss.

    Insert snark about ebikers not being able to pedal hard here 🙂

  3. Joe on

    I bought a BAM Trek handlebar last summer when they first began shipping. I put it on my Stromer ST2 which has nothing but a carbon fiber fork and Schwalbe Big Ben tires to absorb shock. I tried two shock stems (on two other bikes, so I don’t have a direct comparison) and the BAM Trek seemed to be the best solution. Unless I really pay close attention I don’t notice them flex. But I began noticing immediately after installing them that my hands don’t go numb any more and my neck and shoulders don’t hurt after long rides any more. I’m not a shill for the company. I don’t stand to agin from talking them up, but these things absolutely work as advertised. I wish they made a Trek style handlebar with the same kind of variable inserts they have on the MTB version. I’d love to see what an even softer version would feel like. BTW- they do ship directly from France to the U.S. It took mine 2 weeks to get to Vermont and shipping was ~$20. If you’re considering a suspension stem, definitely check these out.


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