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2019 NiteRider brightens up the night w/ more lumens, new brighter taillights

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NiteRider built their name on high quality bike lights to cut through the darkness, extending how many hours in the day we can ride. For 2019 pretty much every light in their catalog gets a power boost, putting out more lumens for the same price and weight. You gotta love advancements in electronics. They’ve got your back too, with much brighter flashing taillights, including two all-new rear lights…

2019 NiteRider bike light performance updates

NiteRider has been promoting the use of riding with lights day or night since their “Lights 4 Lives” campaign started back in 2012. We put together a video on the safety benefits of their DVF (Daytime Visible Flash) lights earlier this summer. But now as the days get slowly shorter, we are thinking back to lighting up the night as well, especially the trails.

NiteRider Pro series mountain bike lights

Their Pro series is the first that comes to mind for trail riding, with their multi-LED head units you can strap to bar or helmet and remote battery packs offering extended burn times.

Pro 4200 Enduro

Now with 4200 lumens via six LEDs (up from 3600), the $550 Pro 4200 Enduro is their powerhouse. It gets four brightness settings, plus daytime flash for burn times from 1.5 hours up to 6hr while still putting out 1000lm. The 839g setup includes the head light, Li-ion battery, a handlebar mount (up to 35mm bars), 3′ cable & bar mount remote. The battery pack even includes a USB port to charge your other accessories on the go.

Pro 2200 Race

If that’s more light than you need even off-road, the $350 single beam Pro 2200 Race bumps up to 2200lm (from 1800lm) while staying just 484g with its three high performance LEDs. It gets pretty much the same features as the dual light, without a USB charge port on the battery but with a 8 step charge indicator.

NiteRider Lumina series all-in-one lights

Lumina OLED 1200 Boost

Their Lumina series packs battery and lamp in to one simple unit to strap on top of the bars (or alternatively on a helmet) now with a new mount that works on everything up to 35mm oversized bars. The top-level $150 Lumina OLED 1200 Boost adds 100lm again maintaining its 1hr run time on the boosted 1200lm output with the same overall 172g weight and USB rechargeable battery inside. Get the Lumina 1200 Boost without the OLED display for the same weight and light output, but for just $100. Or opt for the cheaper $80 Lumina 1000 Boost which also picks up an extra hundred lumens.

Lumina Micro 850

Lumina Micros also get a power up, with the $65 Lumina Micro 850 (up from 750lm) at 138g, and the $50 Lumina Micro 650 (up from 550lm) at the same weight.

Lumina Dual 1800

All-new this fall with be a $160 dual beam version of the Lumina series called the Lumina Dual 1800. It will essentially be twice as wide as the 850, while putting out a wider beam pattern and now including a low battery indicator. Weight and run times are still to be determined.

All of the compact Lumina lights get USB recharging and 3 or 4 light output modes, plus a low-output walk mode and a daytime visibility flashing mode.

NiteRider Swift series ultra compact all-in-one lights

Swift 300

Last year’s affordable, compact Swift gets a lumen boost too, and now adds a second even cheaper model. The Swift 500 (adding 50lm) is now up to a 500lm output for just $35 in a super compact 82g setup destined for everyday commuting. The USB rechargeable light has an easy on-and-off rubber handlebar strap mount, three light modes, plus walk and DVF flash. Now you can also get one in the even more affordable $25 Swift 300 with 300lm output in the exact same housing, with the same battery, and now with 2hr run time on high.

NiteRider daylight visibility flashing red tail lights

Omega 300

Out back the completely new Omega 300 taillight doubles the light output of any of NiteRider’s previous rear lights. The $50 Omega puts out 300lm of ultra-bright light in three Daylight Visible Flash modes (6-8hr run times) – Fast, Disco & Pulse – plus high & low steady modes. It even gets a Group Ride mode so you maintain visibility without blinding your riding buddies. The 79g USB rechargeable light has both an easy on-and-off rubber seatpost strap and a quick release bracket.

Sentry Aero 260

Another all new rear visibility taillight is the 65g Sentry Aero 260. At $40 the more sleek shape is specially designed to work on aero seatposts, and actually improves side visibility thanks to its aerodynamic extended shape.

Sentinel 250

Last year’s Sentinel gets a big power jump, now to 250lm in the same $55, 116g platform, projecting visible laser virtual bike lane markings onto the ground as you ride.

Solas 250

The Solas also gets a big power jump, dropping both the previous 100lm & 150lm versions in favor of this new 250lm taillight in the same 82g rechargeable package.

NiteRider Lumina/Swift headlight + tail lights DVF visibility packages

Lumina OLED 1200 Boost + Solas 250 Combo

In addition to all the new power output improvements and new taillights, NiteRider also has a number of combo packages to make sure you are seen whenever you are on the bike.  They start with the premium $180 Lumina OLED 1200 Boost + Solas 250 Combo and go down to the more affordable $50 combo of a Swift 300 + the carry-over Sabre 80. All of the 2019 NiteRider lights look to be up on the website, and should be available in your local


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5 years ago

We’re doing aero lights now…

5 years ago
Reply to  Rapha

Wind tunnel tests prove……

5 years ago
Reply to  fiddlestix

. . . photon power will increase your speed by lots (& blind any competitor behind you) 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Rapha

It’s gonna’ be a pain to handle in a crosswind..

bob myaing (@corkgrips)
Reply to  Rapha

“the more sleek shape is specially designed to work on aero seatposts”

none of the taillights i own ever fit well on my giant tcr’s seatpost, i would definitely pick this light up if i still had the bike.

Phred Pedals DDS
Phred Pedals DDS
5 years ago

what a drag

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