Cannondale themselves call it one of the worst kept secrets in mountain biking – Ratboy has a new home. After announcing in September that Josh Bryceland was leaving Santa Cruz after a massive 10 year stint, Cannondale has found themselves a new crew – with Ratboy at the helm.

Stating that he “wanted to start something new, fresh and unexpected,” Bryceland continued, “this is a way to build something and give back to the next generation of riders.” And that next generation includes Sam (aka Dave) Hockenhull, Max Nerurkar and the young Sam Cofano. Recently the team went to Spain to get a feel for their new Cannondale Habit Alloys, though the word on the street is that Bryceland will be riding more than just trail bikes for Cannondale in the future.

Check out the whole crew and their individual video parts over at the Cannondale Chronicles page. 

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