If you’re one of those cyclists that enjoys a post-ride beer – perhaps even more than the ride itself – Zine has expanded their product line to bring more beer (or other beverages with a pry-off cap) and cheer to your bike. While better known for their grip tape and remote accessories, they recently introduced a trio of bottle cap mounts which invite you to Beer Your Bike. Although Niner pioneered this space with their YAWYD top cap, Zine has expanded by adding a high-direct front derailleur cover and an air top cap for front suspension forks. All you do is install their mount, snap on your favorite beverage cap, and enjoy riding 1% better due to your increased street cred.

The High Direct Mount cover weighs 6 grams and will cover up those unsightly bare mounting locations for those of you running single chainring drivetrains.

Zine high direct FD beer cover for 1x chainring

The Air Top Cap weighs 7 grams and is said to cover all suspension forks from Fox and Rockshox with an air top cap.

Zine suspension fork air cover beer cap

The Ahead Top Cap weighs 5 grams and is compatible with 1 1/8” steerer tubes.

Zine head set topcap for 1 1/8" stem beer cap

All three are available now and all sell for 10€.



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