Calling themselves “The New American Sportive,” Roll Massif is ready to roll some of the best rides in Colorado. Formed by an all star event planning and execution team with more than 30 years experience that includes co-founders and co-owners Chandler Smith and Scotty Olmsted, not to mention veteran cycling journalist Ben Delaney among others, Roll Massif plans to focus on the best rides Colorado has to offer. The eight rides build on the legacy of five existing rides including the Copper Triangle which have raised over $2 million for charity over the years. New to the collection is the Wild Horse Gravel in De Beque, Crooked Gravel, and Sunrise to Sunset MTB in Winter Park.

That means the eight rides include options for road, gravel, and even mountain biking. If you’re up for it, there are big rides with road centuries or 80-90 mile gravel rides. Or, most of the events have shorter options as well so you can get most of the experience even if your fitness isn’t 100%. For mountain biking there are two 12 hour MTB events to either race or just ride until the sun goes down with some friends. Pricing for each even depends on the ride, and some offer discounted pricing for early registration. Better yet, cyclists 18 years and younger ride for free in all six road and gravel sportives.

Below is a list of starting prices, note that some events have prices that go up as you get closer to the event. Roll Massif states that all events include full nutritional support out on the course.


  • Wild Horse Gravel – starts at $110 and includes breakfast before + cookout after (18 & under free)
  • Sunrise to Sunset Elephant Rock – starts at $65
  • Elephant Rock – starts at $50 (18 & under free)
  • Copper Triangle – starts at $135 and includes jersey or hoodie, lunch (18 & under free)
  • Crooked Gravel – starts at $70 (18 & under free)
  • Sunrise to Sunset Winter Park – starts at $65
  • Tour de Vineyards – starts at $70 (18 & under free)
  • Tour of the Moon – starts at $125 and includes jersey, lunch, beer (18 & under free)
  • Calling them neither a ride or a race, the sportives will have timed segments that you can ride competitively, or just chill. Roll Massif states that depending on the ride, the number of participants will vary from 500-7,000 people, and that they have distances and challenges to suit most abilities. Many of the sportives will also include on course aid stations, food and beverage, and a festive atmosphere with live music at the finish.
  • For more, check out the link below and start planning your rides for 2019!


  1. Sue Meyers on

    Good organization and events. The only down side is I will not buy jerseys that have “Roll Massif” larger than the nameof the event printed on the front of the jersey. ie..Copper Triangle’s jersey. No thanks.

  2. Kirk on

    I gotta say I cannot support Roll Massif.
    In such a troubling time with this pandemic, how are they not providing full refunds for the cancelled events? Such a shame that they don;t care about the people they hold these events for.


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