Bags for hauling gear on the bike come in all shapes and sizes. Apidura extends their waterproof bikepacking range with an Expedition Full Frame Pack to stuff your entire front triangle with gear. Salsa does kinda the same thing, just for a different type of rider in their Timberjack Kids Frame Packs. And Mission Workshop folds together a new Spar Sling Pack that keeps the essentials on your back.

Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack bikepacking bag

Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack bikepacking bag

To anyone who knows Apidura‘s bikepacking bags, this is a pretty straightforward and obvious addition. Essentially sharing all of the design features of their original full-frame pack like multiple pockets, bright yellow liner & modular internal dividers, the Expedition version upgrades to the more protective rubberized, fully waterproof and seam-sealed construction of the Expedition line.

Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack bikepacking bag

The new bag comes in three sizes (7.5L, 12L & 14L) to take full advantage of every bit of available space in the front triangle of a range of bike sizes. That makes it one of very few fully waterproof full frame bag options available, and a great way to haul heavy or bulky gear while keeping it fully protected. The Expedition Full Frame Pack sells for £142-155/$180-198, and Apidura has a new online frame pack sizing tool to help you figure out which one will give the best fit for your bike.

Salsa Timberjack Kids Frame Packs for small bikes

Salsa really introduced kids to adventure bikes when they introduced their semi kid-fat Timberjack 20″ & 24″ alloy hardtails a little over a year ago. Then with the debut of the 2019 lineup, they really cemented the Timberjack as their do it all off-road family adventure touring bike. Part of that seems to have to do with sponsoring a family of four who rode the Baja Divide together, but now the kiddos needed to carry some gear too… my kids would be thinking about keeping favorite stuffed animals close at hand. You know, the essentials.

The Timberjack Kids Frame Packs are designed specifically for these low standover 20″ & 24″ alloy mountain bikes, completely filling the main triangle, and sell for just $30 a piece. They velcro in place with a bunch of straps, and have a single main, right side access stuff pocket with a velcro closure.

Mission Workshop Spar Sling Pack shoulder bag

Mission‘s new Spar Sling Pack isn’t a bag for on your bike, but rather a lightweight weatherproof bag to sling over your shoulder. Mission still says the bag is ready for adventure, whether you are taking the essential on your commute to the office or venturing farther afield.

At $220 the US made Spar Sling is one of the most compact from Mission, and can be set up as a single strap shoulder bag or with optional additional backpack straps. Even though its rectangular folded design looks simple, the Spar can be opened from either the top-flap or side-zip to make it easy to get inside no mater how you wear it, and includes a padded tablet sleeve, internal organization compartments, a padded back & Fidlock magnetic buckle. The Spar is also modular with Mission’s Arkiv system to combine it with other travel packs. Get it in three lightweight ripstop colors, or a heavier Cordura in black camo.


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