Given that all the electronic groups out there haven’t gone wireless just yet, ENVE has just released an update to their carbon compact Road Handlebars. By adding the ability to run internal routing for the wiring on electronic drivetrains and compatibility for Shimano’s bar-end junction boxes, the bars can now be a part of a cleanly integrated bike with robot shifting.


ENVE Compact Road Handlebars get reprogrammed for internal electric wiring & more

Apart from the larger holes to allow the electrical connectors to pass through, the bar itself doesn’t look a whole lot different. It still uses a 31.8mm clamping surface which tapers into an ergonomically shaped bar down to the drops.

The bars only have two access holes for the cables/wiring, so to route the wires they go into the bar from the shifters, to the junction box, and then a single wire goes back out the right access hole to be routed along with the brake hose to the rest of the bike.

ENVE Compact Road Handlebars get reprogrammed for internal electric wiring & more

The compact geometry remains the same with a 79mm reach and 127mm drop, though there are new 38 and 46cm widths. ENVE also notes that the bar is now compatible with Shimano’s bar end junction boxes, which we assume has the same procedure as the SES Aero Road Bars – the white line just in front of the integrated bar end is the cut line. You have to cut off the end of the bar since it tapers down to fit the Shimano bar end junction box.

Pricing is set at $350, and the bars are available now.


  • Width C to C in drops: 40, 42, 44, 46, 48
  • Reach: 79
  • Drop: 127
  • Clamp diameter: 31.8
  • Weights:  212g, 216g, 220g, 229g, 230g
  • MSRP: USD $350


  1. is there any flare to the drops? dosent look like it. there last bar had a lot as i remember.
    If no flare is that a 48cm c-c carbon bar?
    i hope so

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